Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So this is my blog where I get to tell you all about the books that I have read and am reading.  I read quite a few on a regular basis, so I'm hoping that my blog entries will be frequent.  Although, sadly, I must admit there are some weeks that I'm not really pleased by any of the books that I read.  I hope I don't have too many of those weeks, however.

What types of books will I blog about? Glad you asked.  I'm not really a John Grisham-y mainstream type of reader.  My tastes are eclectic, including everything from David Eddings fantasy to Dean Koontz horror (his earlier works, not so much the later ones) to vampire romance a la J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood to Teen and YA Novels.  I'm on a YA/Teen kick right now (blame Twilight) and so at first you'll probably see a lot of reviews and information on that genre, as I seem to be reading it rather exclusively right now.  But this changes frequently.  So just stick around.

If you read a review you like, agree or disagree with, or if you have a recommendation for me on a book you think I should read, by all means, comment and let's discuss.

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