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Monday's Month in Retrospect (December 2010)

Happy Weekend!

I'm starting a new tradition of Monday's Month In Retrospect where I intend to post on the first Monday of each month to give you my thoughts on the Best Ofs for the previous month.  Let me qualify that first by saying that the book didn't have to have come out the previous month.  These are favorites based on what I read the previous month, regardless of actual release date.

If you have any ideas for better categories, or any additions you'd like to see, just comment on the post, or email me.  Now to the fun stuff!

Best Book I read last month:  It's a tie!
Matched - Ally Condie
Release Date:  11/30/2010
Why it was my favorite: This was really the first Dystopian I had ever read.  I can't imagine how I ever stayed away from them before.  I fell in love with this book and its characters.  Can't wait for the sequel.
Reviewed:  Coming Soon.

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead
Release Date: 12/7/2010
Why it was my favorite:  It was a fitting and very satisfying ending to a much-loved series.
Reviewed:  Coming Soon.

Best Heroine:
Rose Hathaway from Last Sacrifice.
Why she's my favorite: I have always loved Rose from the Vampire Academy books because she's strong and tough, but somehow also manages to be sweet and vulnerable.  She stayed true throughout the series but also grew.  She had flaws and the author didn't sugar coat them, but you loved her despite it.

Best Hero:
Richelle Mead has it again with Last Sacrifice's Dimitri Belikov. 
Why he's my favorite: Dimitri has been a favorite hero for me since I first picked up The Vampire Academy last year.  He endured such a journey throughout the books and ended with a strong finish.  Add to that the fact that he's one of the hottest male characters in Teen fiction, and there you have it.  Oh yes.  I want him for my very own.

Best Villain:
I didn't have a favorite villain this month, as most of the books I read didn't actually have an evil protagonist.

Best Cover:
Why it's my favorite:  Having read the book, the concept of a girl stuck in a glass bubble, testing the solidity of it with her hands outstretched... let's just say that image really epitomizes the entire concept and main idea of the book itself.  Love it!

Until next month!

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