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Dreamwalker by Maria Rachel Hooley

Dreamwalker by Maria Rachel Hooley
Release Date: March 30th, 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace

Seventeen-year-old Misha Malloy has always dreamed of Ramsey, a beautiful teenager from a world called Alterna. Ramsey has always been there to love and protect her, but even he could not stop the car accident which left her in a coma; however, months later, Misha has recovered and quickly finds that her world and Alterna are blending. Ramsey now comes to her in the flesh, and so does his brother, Elijah, who will stop at nothing to make Ramsey pay for an old transgression--including killing Misha. –

Let me start by saying that when I chose to read this story right behind October Breezes, I didn’t really notice or realize that both books were by the same author.  So back to back Maria Rachel Hooley reviews was not planned. J  That said….

This book sucked me in right away.  The idea behind a person dreaming about someone for years before having met them is such an intriguing one to me.  I love those types of books where people kind of fall in love from afar.  This was sort of like that, except Misha and Ramsey fall in love in their dreams, literally.  How interesting is that?

I loved Misha as a character.  I thought she was a very strong character, especially have come out of a coma.  I understood how annoyed and tired she was of people treating her like glass, like if they breathed wrong, she might go back into a coma inexplicably.  I also loved Ramsey as a character, as he had an old-world chivalry about him that I thought was charming.  He wants to take care of her and keep her safe from Elijah…a truly creepy character.  There was actually one scene in the story that made me turn the lights up higher in the room.  But it was great!

There were only a couple things about the story that made me pause:  1. All the typos and line edit problems. (And when I say line edit problems…I don’t mean bad grammar, author-mistake type stuff.  I mean type problems.)  I’m usually able to overlook this, but the errors were so numerous in the story that it was hard to ignore.  2. Other than that, I wanted to know a little bit more about the circumstances that allowed these three characters to find each other.   The reader must accept from the beginning that this is the way it is, but we aren’t really given any explanation as to what caused this, how they’re communicating, and where the portals come from.  I can tell from the ending, though, that there is probably going to be a sequel, so I’m hoping this will be explained further as the story progresses.

All in all, this was a pretty entertaining read and really held my interest.  I hope I’m right about the sequel!

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