Friday, February 18, 2011

Movie News!!

So today is typically Blog Hop Friday, but I didn't see a post out there to link to today, and there doesn't appear to be a question this week, so I'm going to use today's post to remind everyone about some exciting movies coming out in the next couple weeks from the YA reading world. 

It seems that the movie world has really exploded lately with YA books being made into movies.  I know of about five myself right now, with a couple more that have been optioned for film and currently awaiting a company to take on the movie project.  Yay!! This is such fabulous news for our YA authors!!

So here are the ones coming out soon.  I can't wait!!

In theaters starting today:

See the trailer here.

In theaters starting March 4th, 2011:

Watch the movie trailer here.

I can't wait to see these movies!! 

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