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Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart

Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart
Release Date:  December 28, 2010
Publisher:  Delacorte

Ruby Oliver is in love. Or it would be love, if Noel, her real live boyfriend, would call her back. But Noel seems to have turned into a pod-robot lobotomy patient, and Ruby can’t figure out why. Not only is her romantic life a shambles: Her dad is eating nothing but Cheetos, her mother’s got a piglet head in the refrigerator, Hutch has gone to Paris to play baguette air guitar,
Gideon shows up shirtless, and the pygmy goat Robespierre is no help whatsoever.  Will Ruby ever control her panic attacks?  Will she ever understand boys?  Will she ever stop making lists?  (No to that last one.)  Roo has lost most of her friends. She’s lost her true love, more than once. She’s lost her grandmother, her job, her reputation, and possibly her mind. But she’s never lost her sense of humor. The Ruby Oliver books are the record of her survival. -

This is part 3 of 3 in a review series of E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver series.  This was a wonderful, more than satisfying conclusion to a brilliant and funny series.  Ruby is at it again with her lists, peculiar insights about life, boys, friends, and boobs.  She's cultivating some new friendships and learning to let go of the old ones.  She still sees Doctor Z, and we can see some genuine progress with her panic attacks.

Ruby becomes, if possible, even more loveable in this final installment than ever before.  How can I possibly love a character even more if I'm already loving her?  She improves, she grows, and by the end of this story, you can clearly see the enormous journey she's taken from the very first page of The Boyfriend List until the very last sentence of book four, Real Live Boyfriends.  Although you want Ruby to have friends at the end, have a great boyfriend at the end, it's not the main focus.  Instead, the reader is more interested in how Ruby is learning to define herself by who she is rather than who she is with.

I would recommend this book, and series, to everyone, of all ages.  It's funny, charming, emotional, and up-lifting.  It is a bittersweet thing for the series to be ending, but I was more than pleased by how it all concluded.

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  1. This looks like an adorable read! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think I'll be adding this series to my TBR :)

  2. This sounds like a cute series. I've only read Lockhart's Frankie Landau books book. I really enjoyed that one. That book had a strong feminist message to it. Do you think the Boyfriend books do as well?

  3. won't regret it!

    Alison, I haven't gotten to read the Frankie books, but I will since you mentioned them. I do think there is a strong feminisit message in these books as well, as they are all about Roo's personal empowerment, without a boyfriend. One of the things I loved about them.


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