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Trickster's Girl by Hilari Bell

Trickster's Girl by Hilari Bell
Release Date: January 3rd, 2011
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books

In the year 2098 America isn't so different from the USA of today. But, in a post-9/11 security-obssessed world, "secured" doesn't just refer to borders between countries, it also refer to borders between states. Teenagers still think they know everything, but there is no cure for cancer, as Kelsa knows first-hand from watching her father die. The night Kelsa buries her father, a boy appears. He claims magic is responsible for the health of Earth, but  human damage disrupts its flow. The planet is dying. Kelsa has the power to reverse the damage, but first she must accept that magic exists and see beyond her own pain in order to heal the planet. –

I love dystopians, so it wasn’t hard for me to sink into the world of 2098, even though it didn’t seem much different than today’s work, with a few exceptions.  I have mixed feelings about this one, even though I did like it.

What I liked: I really liked the heroine, Kelsa.  I thought she was a strong character, capable, and smart, especially smart for someone only 15.  I loved how resourceful she was throughout the story.  So much so that I found myself not really worrying about her at all, as I knew she’d figure out a way out.  I also liked Raven a lot, as I could see that “trickster” shining through in his personality, and I love that type of happy-go-lucky character who also has a serious side.

I would really like to have seen a little bit more development between Kelsa and Raven.  I’m assuming this is going to turn into a romance at some point, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  And if it’s not going to be a romance between these two, then maybe the title just misled me.  There were one or two small hints, mainly things Kelsa would think to herself, that made me believe this was eventually supposed to grow into a romance.  So I just wish we’d had a little bit more of that action developing between them.

Although I know there has to be a sequel coming, I felt that the ending could have been a little bit better in terms of setting up that next story.  I can definitely say that the last few chapters of the story sped up a great deal in terms of action and it definitely kept you going.

All in all, an entertaining read, and I know I’ll pick up the sequel.

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