Friday, March 25, 2011

Movie News!

This is supposed to be Blog Hop Friday, but I just had to share my movie news, because I'm so excited!

I went to see two movies over this past week...ones whose titles I'm sure you'll recognize because they are...ahem...YA/Teen books that have been made into movies.  So, without further ado, I saw....

Was this movie good?  Oh yes!!  Yes, yes, yes!!!  First of all, who doesn't absolutely adore Alex Pettyfer!  He was great in this role.  He has such a way of conveying subtle nuances and emotions in his face, that I was just captivated.  I also really loved Vanessa Hudgens in the movie.  She played this role rather well, as did Mary Kate Olson playing the horrid, but not so horrid because you sympathize with her, witch.  Very good casting here. 

They did a really awesome job translating Alex Flinn's Beastly to the screen.  Obviously, we did miss out on some development of the character's individual angst, as well as some of the romantic relationship development due to time constraints.  But they did a really good job of making you feel like you didn't miss a thing.  All in all, I'd say this one was a big success.  I immediately wanted to go see it again right after it was over, and I probably will!!  Yes, I'm a repeat offender.  I love to rewatch movies that I love.

Second movie I saw was....

Okay, I have to admit that I won't be much good to you in conveying whether or not they did a good job translating this one to film because I haven't actually read the book yet.  It's in my TBR pile.  But that's ok!  A lot of the time, movies are ruined for me if I read the book first because a lot of the time I'm disappointed that things were left out or that they didn't portray a book element the way I would have wanted to see it.  So I went into this one with a completely open mind and only a basic summary to work with.  I was NOT disappointed.

This was a really fantastic book.  I can't wait to read it now because I enjoyed the movie so much.  This was action-packed, had a great romance in it, the special affects were phenomenal (if you ignore what the movie reviewers are saying, since they're trying to say the special affects weren't good.  They're wrong.)  Once again, Alex Pettyfer showed himself to be a great new actor.  You get to see him with both brown and blond hair.  He looks great either way!

I'm going to have to move this one up on my TBR pile, especially now that I know there's a sequel coming out called The Power of Six.  Can't wait!!

This weekend, I'll be going to see one final book-to-movie release from the YA market.  Red Riding Hood!  Looking forward to it and will probably post my thoughts about it in the near future.

Has anyone else see these two movies?  What did you think?

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