Friday, May 20, 2011

Discussion Post: Finishing Books You Don't Like

Okay, so I thought I'd try a discussion post because I've had a particular topic on my mind in the last couple weeks.  Namely... do you finish reading bad books?

When I say bad books, of course, I mean books you don't like for whatever reason, but include any of the following:

1. Books that are probably good to someone, but I'm just not into.
2. Books that are just badly written
3. Well written books that are super boring or don't catch my attention
4. Books that, for whatever reason, just lose me

I feel bad not finishing a book, because I love books so much that I feel I should be able to find something I like in all of them, and I feel obligated to review every book I read, so I finishing was a must.  But it just doesn't always turn out that way.  In fact, more and more lately, I find myself being perfectly willing and able to put down a book that I don't like and accept the fact that I won't be reviewing it.  Finding enough time to read like I want to is a struggle anyway, with school and work and family obligations, etc.  So I don't have time to read a book I don't like.  I have to save that precious time for truly good books that really capture me.

The only thing that concerns me about this though, is the worry that all of my reviews are going to be super great and there won't be any diversity.  Does anyone else ever struggle with this scenario?

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  1. I too feel bad about not finishing a book. I have only not finished two bad books. Freedom, and A Discovery of Witches. Both were LONG books, Freedom 500 pages, A Discovery of Witches 600. I quit both with 100 pages to go. I guess I just got so close to the end that I started rushing and skimming and wasn't paying attention that I just quit. But quilt was written all over my face when I did it.


    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life


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