Thursday, July 14, 2011

Singled Out by Sara Griffiths

Singled Out by Sara Griffiths
Release Date: December 1, 2011
Publisher: Bancroft Press

There was a time when all was right in Taylor Dresden's world-that is, as long as she was on the baseball diamond, pitching with all her heart.  But that was years ago.  Now, as she heads toward her senior year, the magic is gone. There's no competition in her New Jersey high school, and summer league is not much better. Everything changes when a local, elite, all-boys prep school recruits Taylor for its own baseball team. One of the first three girls ever to attend, Taylor begins to see that she genuinely does have the opportunity to create some real change in her life, her way-and just maybe for the better.  But the Hazelton School is a rich boy's world, its student body run by the Statesmen-an organization determined to force Taylor and the other girls out of their school. Their leader, Sam Barrett, may well be more than he seems, but in a school where not only the sports, but the classes too, are harder than ever, Taylor may never have a chance to find out.  Taylor knows she's a great pitcher, but can she be a great student? Can she succeed in the face of devious boys who will stop at nothing to get rid of her? Will she rise above them or sink to their level-or will she be gone before she can do either? -

Let me start out by saying that I love stories about a girl playing a guy's sport.  It's got so much potential for good conflict and even better and more interesting romance possibilities.  This book was no exception.

Taylor is an amazing baseball player who basically has exhausted all possibilities of any serious competition from her local teams.  So she gets recruited to an exclusive all boys school to play baseball with a really competitive team.  The catch?  The boys don't want her there, nor the other two girls that have been selected, one for academics and the other for basketball.  These boys will, and do, go to any lengths to try and get these girls out.  Taylor isn't so easily overthrown though.  She's smart enough to realize what's going on and take steps to protect herself.

Her academics are suffering, but she does what she has to in order to keep them up so that she can play baseball.  Enter Sam.  Once a bad guy, but maybe not anymore.  The growing relationship between these two was very nice. 

My favorite part of the story though?  Taylor playing baseball.  Her scenes playing baseball were entertaining and I loved watching her best the boys.  Thinking someone is a joke and then getting your butt handed to you (so to speak) on the baseball field was so funny.

This story had romance, a little intrigue, and just the right amount of mystery to make it really interesting.  A very enjoyable read.

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