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The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin

Ash, former prince of the Winter Court, gave up everything. His title, his home, even his vow of loyalty. All for a girl… and all for nothing. Unless he can earn a soul.  To cold, emotionless faery prince Ash, love was a weakness for mortals and fools. His own love had died a horrible death, killing any gentler feelings the Winter prince might have had. Or so he thought. Then Meghan Chase—a half human, half fey slip of a girl— smashed through his barricades, binding him to her irrevocably with his oath to be her knight. And when all of Faery nearly fell to the Iron fey, she severed their bond to save his life. Meghan is now the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm where no Winter or Summer fey can survive. With the (unwelcome) company of his archrival, Summer Court prankster Puck, and the infuriating cait sith Grimalkin, Ash begins a journey he is bound to see through to its end— a quest to find a way to honor his solemn vow to stand by Meghan’s side.  To survive in the Iron realm, Ash must have a soul and a mortal body. But the tests he must face to earn these things are impossible. At least, no one has ever passed to tell the tale.  And then Ash learns something that changes everything. A truth that turns reality upside down, challenges his darkest beliefs and shows him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice.  -

Wow.  This is going to be a hard review to write.  Not because I didn't like the story but because I liked it too much and I'm sort of speechless.  But, even speechless, I may ramble...please forgive.  Let me just start out by saying that I've loved this story from book one and have faithfully followed them all, even to the sad conclusion of The Iron Queen, thinking that was all there was going to be, even as I hoped that small little scene at the end would mean one final installment to the series might be coming.  I was so happy to discover I was right and that Julie Kagawa was giving Ash his own story. 

I've always loved stories written from the male perspective, especially when there has been a long, multi-book epic that was told from the female's perspective and then, surprise, we get to see the guy's at the end.  So this was awesome that we finally got to truly see into Ash's head.  He's been something of an enigma through the prior three books, even as I loved, loved, loved him just as he was, cold or not.  He's gone through so much up until now, and his character has grown, changed, and reshaped amazingly since he was first introduced.  I loved watching that growth and thought he had achieved it by the end of The Iron Queen.  Julie Kagawa surprised me again though.  The Iron Knight takes him even deeper, even farther in his growth and that awesome journey that makes him an epic, unforgettable character.  And of course, it only solidifed my resolve that I want one just like him. :-)

It was also fantastic to have Puck and Grim along... Grim is always a favorite, and I knew that there had to be things that were going to have to happen between Puck and Ash.  Watching these two throughout this story was deeply rewarding, and some of my favorite scenes in the book were between the two of them.  I have to admit that, at first, I was a little worried how well the story would keep me engrossed seeing as how it was really kind of impossible for Meghan to be around through too much of this book...and I don't really think that's a spoiler, considering how the last book ended... it was kind of a gimme that Ash wouldn't be able to be near her until and if he achieved his goal.  So the focus of the book was different and there was a lot of it that she just couldn't be there for.  But I need not have worried.  I was so caught up in Ash's struggle, his relationship with his companions, his quests, and all of the big, heart-wrenching yet empowering events and elements in this book that I devoured it without really thinking about it at all.  Don't get me wrong... the author managed to slip in just enough romance to satisfy me, but there is no denying that the true stars of the show were Ash and Puck.  And that is how it should be.  I can't imagine it having been any different.

I can't say any more without truly dumping out a spoiler that might ruin it for you, so I'll stop there.  I'll just end by saying that Ash's journey is the kind of story that will stay with me, as it was a journey of both deed, thought, and emotion.  I couldn't be any more satisfied by a conclusion of this series if I tried.  But...something tells me that this is not our last foray into the world of Julie Kagawa's Nevernever.  Something tells me that one of our other well-loved characters will end up with their own story.  We'll just have to wait and see.  For now, this is more than enough.  I can't wait to buy my copy.  Now, what do we need to do to get this series optioned for film?

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  1. Amazing! I can't wait for Oct 25th. I'm so jealous that you've already read it :)I love Ash! Thanks for the great review (a little something to tide me over).



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