Thursday, August 4, 2011

Misfit by Jon Skovron

Misfit by Jon Skovron
Release Date: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Amulet Books

Jael has always felt like a freak. She’s never kissed a boy, she never knew her mom, and her dad’s always been superstrict—but that’s probably because her mom was a demon, which makes Jael half demon and most definitely not a normal sophomore girl. On her sixteenth birthday, a mysterious present unlocks her family’s dangerous history and Jael’s untapped potential. What was merely an embarrassing secret before becomes a terrifying reality. Jael must learn to master her demon side in order to take on a vindictive Duke of Hell while also dealing with a twisted priest, best-friend drama, and a spacey blond skater boy who may have hidden depths. -

When I first started reading this book, I was certain I was going to hate it.  Although it was a little slow to get started for me, my doubts came less from that and more because of the subject matter and the way it was presented.  Let me first state at the outset that I've read many books that have demons in them and enjoyed them immensely.  So despite the fact that my religion is Christian, it doesn't ordinarily prevent me from enjoying a story just because demons are in it.  In this book, though, the demons names were pulled straight from the Bible, as they were the names of some of the most vile gods written of in that book.  I had a hard time, therefore, getting past the fact that these bad gods are now demons that are good guys in Misfit.  Meanwhile Christianity is portrayed as being somewhat bleh.  So the whole message seemed at first rather "Chrisianity bleh, demons/bad gods, yay!"

I did stick with it, though.  I shoved my theological mind into a corner and tried to just read it as an enjoyable piece of fiction, and things got better for me.  Jael was an interesting character... strong, independent, and determined to discover her roots and cultivate her half demon side.  Rob was cute and a good pairing for her.  Her relationship with her dad and, yes her demon uncle Dagon, were actually the most interesting elements of the book to me.

In the end, I enjoyed the book and liked the characters.  I am honest enough with myself to admit that my entire issue with enjoying the book in the beginning was that certain elements stepped on my theological and religious convictions.  Once I was able to kind of set that aside and just take the book in for its entertainment value, I was able to enjoy it a lot more.  In the end, it won me over.

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