Saturday, October 29, 2011

After Adam by Katie Aleo

After Adam by Katie Aleo
Release Date: July 8, 2011
Publisher: Self Published Kindle Direct

Anna starts the second summer after her boyfriend Adam's death with a new determination to rejoin her peers. She even takes a summer job waitressing at The Shack - a greasy diner in the small beach town where she lives. Her feelings get complicated however when Adam's older brother, Camp, comes home from college and starts working there too. -

After Adam was a book I found while trolling through the Barnes and Noble online shelves.  It appears to be a self-published book, and it is living proof that self-published authors can be really awesome writers and that their books can really sparkle.  I absolutely loved this book.  The story was simple, and when I say that, don't think I mean lacking in plot, originality or lacking in any way.  I mean simple as in straightforward, honest, and just very real.

Anna is trying to get over the death of her boyfriend, a simple but very brutal circumstance that this author handled with sensitivity and honesty.  Camp was a wonderful foil to her, a complementing companion, and it was so easy to see how these two would be drawn to each other.  There weren't any huge events in this story, as it was very character driven.  Sometimes, however, these make the best stories, if handled by the right author, and Katie Aleo did a phenomenal job pulling me in, making me care, and making me read to the final page.

This book was very cheaply priced, but it is proof that you can definitely find some gems out there, at any price or publisher.  I hope to see more from Katie Aleo.  Great book.

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