Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lemniscate by Jennifer Murgia

Lemniscate by Jennifer Murgia
Release Date: March 21, 2011
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing

For Teagan, these last few months have been heaven on earth - especially now that Garreth, her boyfriend and guardian angel, is earthbound. But perhaps Garreth is becoming a little more human than either of them expected.
Now, Teagan must realize that her world is once again about to shift, as she questions the faith she held in others against those once considered enemies.
In this continuation of Angel Star, Lemniscate will draw you even deeper into the world of dark and light as Teagan realizes the angel who could possibly save them all is the one angel she feared the most. -

This was definitely a worthy sequel to Angel Star!  There were some parts of it that had me very frustrated, and a couple things that made me go "Um, but..." BUT...all in all, it was a very good story that entertained me and kept me very interested.

Teagan, once again, proved to be an intriguing and strong character.  She has to deal with quite a few unexpected things in this story, not least of which is how her angel, now boyfriend, Garreth, is becoming more human.  And it's not always a good thing.  Having the human experience thrust upon you was probably a big shock to someone who has been a guardian angel for years... so in many ways I could definitely understand why Garreth made some of the choices he did, despite the fact that those choices often irritated and frustrated me.  However, it didn't irk me because it was believable.

When the summary mentions an angel that could possibly saving them all being the one angel they fear... I won't say who it is.  Let me just say, yeah... that was a bit of a surprise.  At first, I had a little trouble with this one because I was just so surprised that it would happen, but at the same time, I definitely understood it.  There was some really good potential for a great love triangle here though, and I feel like the author didn't play with this enough.  However, it didn't really detract from the story.

All in all, I thought this was a really great sequel.  The author did a great job keeping me interested and keeping me where I cared about her characters.  I'm not sure if there will be a third book, as this one seemed to tie everything up very neatly. However, that's what I thought about Angel Star too, and I was wrong.  So maybe we'll get a third installment.  Hope so!

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