Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's Month In Retrospect: October 2011

It's time for Monday's Month In Retrospect. Let's look back at the previous month and see what I considered the Best Ofs for what I read in October 2011. Remember, these are my best ofs on books I read last month, regardless of release date.

Best Book I read last month:
Title: Variant by Robison Wells
Release Date: October 4, 2011
Why it was my favorite: Gripping, shocking, relentlessly suspenseful, and a million other adjectives that all mean this book was AWESOME!!
Reviewed: Yes.  See review here.

Best Heroine:
Rose from The Survival Kit by Donna Freitas
Why she's my favorite:  This girl's emotional journey was beautiful and heartbreaking.

Best Hero:
Benson from Variant by Robison Wells
Why he's my favorite:  Smart, resourceful, brave, and thoughtful.  You won't catch this guy making a stupid decision!  He was awesome.
Best Villain:
The bad things in Variant.  I can't get more specific in case there are folks who haven't read it.
What made them a great villain: Eeks! OMG!! You'll just have to read it for yourself!

Best Cover:

Why it's my favorite: The green background fading into a mist that hovers over the bridge.  Beautiful flowing red hair.  Just a really beautiful cover.

Leave a comment and share your Best Ofs for October!

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