Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's Month In Retrospect: November 2011

It's time for Monday's Month In Retrospect. Let's look back at the previous month and see what I considered the Best Ofs for what I read in November 2011. Remember, these are my best ofs on books I read last month, regardless of release date.

Best Book I read last month:
Title: Crossed
Release Date:  November 1, 2011
Why it was my favorite: I love dystopians, but I especially love this one.  It's so character driven and I love stories like that.
Reviewed: Yes.  See review here.

Best Heroine:
Cassia in Crossed.
Why she's my favorite:  I have loved her since the first book. And she grows even more in this book. You can't help but root for her.

Best Hero:
Gotta give it to Ky from Crossed.
Why he's my favorite:  He's not your typical hero.  He has flaws, but such strengths too.
Best Villain:
The bad person in Glow.  I can't get more specific in case there are folks who haven't read it.
What made them a great villain: The worst kind of villain...the kind that has a perfect justification for the bad things that they do.

Best Cover:

Why it's my favorite: Whoever designs Ally Condie's covers must have read the books and just "gotten it."  In Matched, the girl is inside the ball, her hands stretched across and touching either side, as if testing for weakness and trying to find a way out.  It perfectly matched the story of Matched itself.  In this one, she's got a foot out of the sphere, breaking out.  So perfect to the story.
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