Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If I Can't Have You by Lauren Hammond

If I Can't Have You by Lauren Hammond
Release Date: January 31, 2012
Publisher: S. B. Addison Books

One is lonely. Three is a crowd.  Robin Mason has never been the same since Drake Robertson, a hot lifeguard at her family's yearly vacation spot saves her from drowning. Ever since that day she's never let another guy hold a candle to him. She's idolized him and has been waiting for the day where they can go from Facebook friends to more. Much, much more.  Flash-forward three years and Robin isn't the same tween Drake rescued from the deep blue sea. She's college bound, curvy, and finally ready to take what she wants most--Drake.  But not if Drake's brother Elliot has anything to say about it.  Robin is torn between what's right and what's wrong, her head and her heart, and two brothers that are simply irresistible. But who will she choose? Safe, sweet, Elliot? Or the hot, smoldering, Drake?  Two brothers. One Girl. One choice. So which will it be?  - Goodreads.com

If I Can't Have You was a cute, light read with sweet characters and an enjoyable storyline.  At times, the story was a little predictable to me, but it wasn't so much that it made me wish I wasn't reading the book.  For instance, I had a feeling almost immediately that Drake wasn't going to be "the one" for Robin.  He was just built up a little bit too much in Robin's mind as being the perfect guy.  I knew something just wasn't going to go right there.  There were times that I wished Robin had been a tad smarter, especially when she had Elliot staring her in the face.  Then again, people aren't always smart about their emotions and girls her age would probably tend to make that same mistake.  I know I did.

Elliot was a refreshing addition to the story and I had to admire the things that made him different from his brother and a much better choice for Robin to make.  I've always been a fan of stories that have a girl torn between two brothers a la The Vampire Diaries.  So this aspect of the story was great for me.

This was a sweet romance by debut author Lauren Hammond.  A good book to curl up with when you're in the mood for romance.


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