Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

I don't do dangerous. Smart, ├╝ber-careful, ordinary Samantha-that's me. But I just couldn't pass up a surprise kiss from my number-one unattainable crush. A kiss that did something to me...something strange. Now I feel hungry all the time, but not for food. It's like part of me is missing-and I don't know if I can get it back.  Then there's Bishop. At first I thought he was just a street kid, but the secrets he's keeping are as intense as his unearthly blue eyes. If he's what I think he is, he may be the only one who can help me. But something terrifying is closing in, and the one chance Bishop and I have to stop it means losing everything I ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside me.... -

I have some mixed feelings about this one.  So let's look at this from what I liked and disliked.  First, here's what I liked:

The entire concept for this story was pretty unique.  Although I've read quite a few angel stories, Michelle Rowen did bring a new and interesting angle to it in that things aren't as cut and dried as angel vs. fallen angel.  There are other entities involved, the Grays, and this is what brought the uniqueness to the story.  I haven't previously read about these creations that can suck out a soul with a kiss.  So this definitely had me very interested and intrigued.  And Samantha being lured into this by a longtime crush was suspenseful. 

I also liked most of the characters.  The biggest draw for me were Bishop's "friends."  As they began to appear, it really added a great dynamic.  Some of my favorite scenes were between these guys, Bishop and Samantha.  These guys were interesting and I loved watching them interact with each other.  Some of them are sweet, some are somewhat irritable and abrasive, but it made for really fun reading.

The few little things I didn't like...  I wasn't quite sure how Samantha and Bishop ended up becoming so enamored of each other in no time flat.  I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a progressive buildup to the romance.  Additionally, there just wasn't much excitement to this pair for me.  I actually was more interested in her interactions with the demon on Bishops team, Kraven.  There was some great tension there.

The second thing for me was how quickly Samantha trusted.  This woman who was the ultimate cause of everything that's going wrong for her right now arrives, gives her a story to explain away her actions...a story that doesn't even justify anything, and Samantha bought right into it without a second thought.  The woman has stolen her soul, ultimately, but hey, she just did it because she's trying to help Samantha.  It wasn't logical, even if you consider the fact that the woman is her aunt.  She still wasn't trustworthy in any way and had no proof for her words.  But Samantha swallowed it whole.

These things aside though, the story was still very interesting.  The strength lay in the author's writing.  It was suspenseful and intriguing.  Bottom line, I did enjoy the story and I will pick up the next in the series. 


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