Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beauty by Lisa Daily

Beauty by Lisa Daily
Release Date: May 10, 2012
Publisher: Razorbill

What's it like to be the most beautiful girl in the world?  Molly desperately wants to be beautiful. And that's what she tells Dharma, the mysterious portrait artist who sketches her face at the town fair just minutes after she's humiliated in front of Hudson, the guy of her dreams. When Molly wakes up the following morning, she's the most beautiful girl in Miracle, Ohio. Babies coo in her arms, her house fills with flowers from dozens of drooling boys, and she's chosen to be a model for the hottest store in town. Best of all, Hudson finally falls for her.  But Molly soon discovers that beauty--and her wish--comes with a price. She's faced with an impossible choice: Will reclaiming her true identity mean letting go of Hudson for good?  - Goodreads.com

The concept for this story was cute and interesting.  It was a sort of Teen Witch (the movie from the early 90s) meets Mean Girls.  And these girls are definitely mean to Molly in this story.  They're absolutely ugly and such bullies. 

The true depth of this story comes from what being beautiful does to Molly.  There are some changes to her personality, and they aren't all good.  The question is whether or not she'll be able to find herself now that she's beautiful.

I found the idea of Hudson liking her to be somewhat unrealistic.  He never liked her before she became beautiful, so for him to like her now seems to be rather superficial on his part.  Even if that could be explained away, I had an issue too with the fact that when Molly begins to change, Hudson has a problem with it.  Yet, he's been hanging with mean girls just like her for years.  So I was left wondering about him being so wishy-washy.

There were definitely aspects to the story that I enjoyed, but all in all, I felt a lot more could have been done with it.  I would have rather Hudson had liked her before she became beautiful.  Or perhaps there could have been another guy who loved her all along just the way she was.  The concept was good, but for some reason, this book fell a little short for me.


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