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What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn

What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn
Release Date: April 6, 2012

Courtesy of watching his mom’s relationships, Sebastian Hawkins knows what girls need to do to get a guy. He has what he considers a PHD in hooking up. When he needs extra cash for a car, Sebastian starts up an online venture as The Hook-up Doctor, to anonymously help girls land the guy of their dreams. Of course, his services don’t offer a happily-ever-after guarantee. He’s seen firsthand getting together never means staying together.  And then he falls in love… With the last girl he would expect… Totally not in his game plan. 
Suddenly, Sebastian finds himself muddled in the game he’s always prided himself on. He can’t even pick up girls at parties anymore! Why would anyone want to be in love when it turns you into a stuttering, screwed-up, mess with really lame stalker tendencies? Stalking? Totally not his gig.  But the Hook-up Doctor won’t let himself go down easily. He’s always known how to give a girl what she wants and now it’s time to figure out what a boy wants… and he definitely plans on getting it. - Goodreads.com

I've seen stories before where the main character decides to start something like a dating website, blog or service and it has always been a girl giving dating advice anonymously.  I loved, loved, loved the fact that the Hook-up Doctor in this story is a guy.  It just made things twice as interesting because this guy is a complete and total player in his own relationships.  He just likes to hook up, have fun, and run through the girls.  He's a "chick magnet" so to speak, and watching him give advice to girls was so funny, but also kind of like an interesting insight into a guy's head becasue he doesn't lie to them.  He tells them exactly what would hook a guy, what would hook "him" even, because he tells them honestly exactly what he himself would like.  And it's funny to see his own tricks start working on himself as he starts falling in love himself with someone he never would have considered before.
Being inside this guy's head was a really cool place to be.  If you ever want to see what guys are really thinking, read this book.  Sebastian's thoughts and motives were fascinating to witness, and watching the hook-up doctor fall in love was so cute and gratifying.

The author did a fantastic job portraying Sebastian in a realistic way.  You would think that a guy whose a "player" would be someone you would dislike, but you just couldn't help but love him.  He's not mean, he doesn't set out to hurt girls, and he usually doesn't.  He just doesn't want a relationship... and knowing why gives the story a depth that I wasn't really expected.

This was a refreshing, honest, and sexy book.  I loved all of the characters, especially Sebastian.  I'm definitely going to look for more stories by Nyrae Dawn.  This one hooked me.

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