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Come See About Me by C.K. Kelly Martin

Come See About Me by C.K. Kelly Martin
Release Date: June 2012

Twenty-year-old Leah Fischer's been in a state of collapse since the moment police arrived on her Toronto doorstep to inform her that boyfriend Bastien was killed in a car accident. After flunking out of university and cutting herself off from nearly everyone she knows, Leah's saved by Bastien's aunt who offers her a rent-free place to stay in a nearby suburban town. Initially Leah keeps to herself, with no energy for anyone or anything else, but it's not long before her nurturing neighbours begin to become fixtures in Leah's life and a much needed part-time job forces her to interact with other members of the community. And when Leah is faced with another earth-shattering event, her perspective on life begins to shift again. Soon Leah's falling into a casual sexual relationship with Irish actor Liam Kellehan, who has troubles of his own, even as she continues to yearn for her dead boyfriend. Clearly she's not the person she thought she was—and maybe Liam isn't either.  -

Let me start out by saying I love C.K. Kelly Martin.  I've read a couple of her books and they just blew me away.  That being said, this just wasn't one of them for me.  I had quite a bit of trouble getting into this one.  To be perfectly honest, I didn't finish it, and I'll try to explain why.

First of all, I've read quite a few books about people experiencing loss... and I have experienced loss myself through the death of a loved one.  So I know how it can be.  But there were times I felt that Leah's reactions were just a little too much.  I can understand people "checking out" from the world to an extent, but the length to which Leah did it was a little over the top to me.  A part of me understood it, thinking this is probably what would happen to someone if they lived alone and had no one coming and forcing them up out of bed, out of the house, etc.  But she did have that, somewhat.  Her parents come up to help her and she lies to them.  But the part I found unrealistic was that someone knows they're about the get kicked out of a place for lack of payment, etc... and that doesn't wake them up just a little bit?

Aside from that, I just wasn't that enamored with the characters.  And when they were together, it wasn't as attractive as I wanted it to be.  Their reactions to certain events were just not what I would expect or think is right.  She might have an excuse, but to me, he didn't.  I can't say much more than that without ruining it for those wanting to read the book.

Finally, I have to say that way, way, way too much time was spent flashing back and explaining what happened prior to her boyfriend's death.  Half the story was about that and I just felt the story wasn't doing much at all to progress forward.  It grew cumbersome after a while and I kept wanting for things to happen, to move along, to grow and expand and for Leah to move beyond it.  I know the author didn't show some of this, of course, otherwise the reader wouldn't understand the magnititude of his death and its impact on Leah, but at the same time, it made the story hard to read, like slogging through molasses and never getting anywhere.

Bottom line, this book just didn't work for me, but I will  be reading this author again because I love her writing.  I already have another book of hers waiting to be read right now.  And am looking forward to it.


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