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Blind Spot by Laura Ellen

Blind Spot by Laura Ellen
Release Date: October 23, 2012
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books

There’s none so blind as they that won’t see.  Seventeen-year-old Tricia Farni’s body floated to the surface of Alaska’s Birch River six months after the night she disappeared. The night Roz Hart had a fight with her. The night Roz can’t remember. Roz, who struggles with macular degeneration, is used to assembling fragments to make sense of the world around her. But this time it’s her memory that needs piecing together—to clear her name . . . to find a murderer.  -

This review may contain a "mild" spoiler.  This was an interesting book for me.  I didn't absolutely adore it, but I definitely did like it.  I couldn't see why so many reviews are saying it wasn't good, that's for sure.  Not all the characters are likeable, no, but then if you give me a book in which I like every single one of the characters, then I'll ask you, where's the conflict?

Roz was, to me, a likeable character, because I felt she was pretty three dimensional.  She's got flaws, she makes bad choices, exhibits some bad attitudes, but that's life, people.  That's the nature of being a person, and a teen person besides.  All of that just made her more real to me.  I actually kind of admired how well she has been able to move through life, coping with her eye issue, and maintaining the fact that she does not have a disability.  Did anyone else just want to strangle that teacher for the way he treated her???

There are two guys in this book, and I have to admit I knew from the start that she was NOT going to end up with the obvious choice.  I didn't like him from the outset.  He came across, at the very beginning, as a bit too perfect, and it didn't take long before my skepticism just became too much to ignore.  I just had a feeling htere was more to it than that.

I loved the suspense in this story, and really loved the "whodunit" aspect.  I love mysteries like that, and I have to hand it to the author...  she tricked me twice!  I am almost always able to figure out who the killer is in books, and I thought I knew who it was and found out otherwise.  Then I found a new target and just KNEW I knew who it was, and then I was wrong again.  So bravo to the author there.  She took me for a complete ride and I was really impressed with how she was able to keep me from figuring it out.  The mystery was my favorite part to the story.

The romance was nothing earth-shaking for me.  To be honest, it was the last thing I was thinking about.  I was more interested in the suspense and mystery.  The ending left a little to be desired for me, as I really like stories to be wrapped up a little neater than this one was, but on the whole, I enjoyed the book and thought the author did a really good job with it.


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