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The Unloved by Jennifer Snyder

The Unloved by Jennifer Snyder
Release Date: July 30, 2012

Sometimes the love our heart needs to heal can be found in the familiar eyes of a childhood friend...  Julie Porter learned the hard way that trust is something which must be earned and not something to be given out lightly, those who say they love you are those who hold the power to hurt you most, and best friends can help you survive anything—until they move away.  Nick Owen knows a thing or two about a hard life. At a young age Nick learned how to take a hit and to make lemonade out of the lemons life tossed his way. Returning home after nearly two years of being away, all Nick cares about now is protecting his mom from the abusive hands of his father and catching up with his best friend—the girl who lived across the street, the girl he can’t seem to stop thinking about.  Finally reunited after two years apart, Nick and Julie are about to learn that age does nothing to protect you from life’s trials and tribulations, heartache and loss, but maybe together they’ll find a way to survive.  -

This book had a lot of different things going on, so I guess you could say there were multiple layers here.  A lot of social and private family scenarios are on displays.  You have physical abuse in both its forms, a bad family home life for both of the main characters, and these are definitely tough issues to write about.  So kudos to the author for tackling such issues and being able to handle them with sensitivity.

I did like the two main characters, especially Nick, because there was a strength to him that I really found endearing.  I do like Jules too, and I felt really bad for her home life, and having the only bright spot in it...Nick...disappear for two years.  However, for this same reason, I found it rather odd the trust issues that Julie had with Nick.  I had a hard time accepting that she would have such issues with trust, especially with him of all people, due to how close they once were.

There were times too when I felt that a couple scenarios were rather cliché... such as what happened to Julie on one of the first occasions she decides not to weary baggy, swallow-me-whole clothes.  It might have seemed more natural if she started to make a habit of dressing in less baggy clothes, got comfortable with it and THEN have the event occur.

I did enjoy the romance between these two.  And I loved how Nick was there for her.  This was one of the brightest spots in the story, of course.

The writing was very good, and again I did enjoy the story.  There were just a couple issues that kept me from fully enmeshing myself...such as the fact that the book was riddled with grammar issues.  Otherwise, I did like it.  It was heartbreaking at times, so this is definitely a book on the more sad side, but there were moments of happiness as well.  On the whole, it was a very good book.


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