Monday, September 23, 2013

A Terrible Love by Marata Eros

A Terrible Love by Marata Eros
Release Date: April 26, 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Jess Mackey is living a meticulously fabricated lie of necessity. She's left the secret tragedy of her past behind along with who she was and is forging ahead with a clean slate. But Jess soon discovers that passion can't be left behind—neither her own, nor that of the one man who sees who she really is…and whose unexpected presence may breach the peaceful life Jess has painstakingly created for herself.  Devin Castile didn’t expect to meet a young woman who may be the missing puzzle piece to his existence…and who is also the victim of a heinous crime. Devin convinces himself that he can remain emotionally distant even while indulging his physical desire for her. But when Jess’s lies begin to crumble in the face of their undeniable attraction and the truth is revealed, one of them might pay with their life.  -

I'm not sure what I was expecting from this one, but it was a little different all the way around.  Despite the fact that I did like the premise, and the story developed pretty well from a plot perspective, I just wasn't completely into it.  I think part of the problem might have been some aspects of the characters' personalities, and the interactions between them.

First of all, the heroine came across to me as a bit weak.  Although she has been through a horrible tragedy and is in hiding as a result, which justifies a certain bit of timidity and a desire to move through the world unknown and apart from other people somewhat, she took it to a bit of an extreme for me.  I'm talking more her personal choices.  There is more than one guy in this story, and she just seems to hop from guy to guy with little thought.  The little arrangement she makes to screw one but date the other just isn't an admirable trait, in my opinion.  She just needed to pick one. 

She seemed to spend a great portion of the story stating that she couldn't let anyone know her due to the necessity for hiding, so you would think that she wouldn't go for a guy that wanted a relationship.  So that would leave one of the guys off the list right away.  The other one, who seems to just want sex, would have been the perfect choice.  Yet, she makes this little arrangement so she can have the safer, relationship-oriented guy, while still being able to have sex with the no-strings guy.  It just didn't make sense to me exactly.  Her motives just weren't clear.  Plus, I didn't really like either guy, and I had trouble seeing how quickly she began to like both.  She had seen what I'd seen of them up to then, so I'm wondering what she saw in them.

The danger aspect of the story was pretty good, and it was for that reason that I did get some enjoyment out of the story.  Especially after she finally figured out who she wanted to be with.

All in all, I'd give the story an A for effort, but all of the pieces and players in the story didn't really win me over like I had hoped they would.


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