Thursday, October 3, 2013

Haven by Laury Falter

Haven by Laury Falter
Release Date: July 22, 2013

Haven, the first book in the Apocalypse Chronicles... On an ordinary day in early September, Kennedy Shaw leaves for school unaware that within a few minutes the world she knows will be gone - succumbed to an outbreak of epidemic proportions. After finding a safe haven inside the security of her enclosed high school, she learns that four others have survived, one being a bold, mysterious transfer student from Texas whose unruffled demeanor harbors more than a cool interest in her. As they struggle to survive the dead fighting their way inside, will Kennedy discover there is more to life than survival? And will she and the others find a way to live in this terrifying new world?  -

Yep, it's a zombie book.  I'm sure that the world of writing is running out of ideas for how their books' zombies became zombies, but that's ok.  I'm not holding that against them because I love the zombie books.  I just enjoy the aftermath and watching a set of characters attempting to survive with such an apocalyptic event taking place around them.  This book was a wonderful example of that.  That being said though, the author did do a really good job giving her zombies a good starting point.  It was a good concept.

The real driver in this story for me was the characters.  There are only four.  Two boys and two girls.  Each of these characters has a personality all their own, and I have to admit that I loved each one of them for different reasons, despite the fact that one does get on my nerves from time to time because she appears to be a stereotypical mean, popular girl who only cares about herself.  What the author hid inside that layer though was a real person down deep, and this situation allows that to come out.

The two main characters were amazing.  I loved Kennedy.  This girl is not afraid of anything.  She's brave and amazing, fighting against these zombie-like people, willing to put herself at risk repeatedly, and utilizing the training that her dad insisted she learn.  And does that training ever come in handy... oh yeah.   I absolutely loved how tough she was.

The love interest, Harrison, was a guy that was shrouded in mystery.  I adored him.  He's not cutesy...don't get me wrong.  This is a tough guy that is more than capable of being Kennedy's equal.  But I adored him because he was so strong and so caring of her.  Their chemistry together was absolutely amazing.

If you're into cute zombies, this is definitely not the book for you though.  The story was very graphic and bloody, so I thought it was more realistic than others I've read because what happens in this book could totally happen in real life, as scary as that thought might be.

The book was written in a very engrossing way, the pacing was excellent, and I just found it to be an all around great book.  I was thoroughly entertained engaged.  I'd highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good zombie story.  Really awesome.


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