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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Hannah Both Ways by Rosie Greenway

I'm pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Hannah Both Ways by Rosie Greenway!  This tour was coordinated by Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours.  Check out the exciting book and giveaway details below!!

Hannah Both Ways by Rosie Greenway
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

A devastating Twitter prank yanks Hannah out of the popular crowd and turns her into the high school’s best bad joke. Determined to finish the year and graduate, Hannah must keep the humiliating details from her impulsive mother—who just might pack up their belongings and move. Again.

Hannah hovers below the radar by submersing herself in a new routine. Post-it notes, Dewey Decimal numbers and carefully planned trips to the library are her refuge. That is, until a persistent new student invades her space. Lucas has complete disregard for Hannah’s cynicism and snark, and he seems to know the bullies who targeted her. Can Hannah trust him, or is he part of another ploy to torment her?

I wasn't sure what to expect from this story.  Hannah has suffered through a very believable mistake where something is posted to Twitter that makes an enormous impact on her life.  This is the sort of thing that could, and probably does, happen to teens all the time.  It's kind of scary to think about.  As a result of this, she's been bullied, both in a cyber aspect and in person as well.  In order to cope, she's completely isolated herself.  She doesn't even have parents to turn to, as she has only a mother, and one who isn't the best role model out there, and one who thinks moving from place to place and running from problems is the best method for dealing with things.  So Hannah gets this honestly.  It didin't escape my irony scope that Hannah's method for dealing with her circumstances is to withdraw, which is also a form of running isn't it.

I thought Hannah was a very well-crafted character.  She is one I felt very badly and strongly for.  She has isolated herself entirely at school by avoiding people, classes, and other things, eating her lunch in the library, and being generally unapproachable.  Until a new guy comes along.  One that I loved because he was sweet and patient, and slowly but surely tore down Hannah's walls.

The romance was a very nice, slow progression which was gratifying and satisfying at the same time. The story was poignantly and beautifully written, and had some wonderful themes and messages in it. I have to applaud the author for taking on some of these themes and handling them so well.  A very good read.

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Author Info

A devastating Twitter prank yanks Hannah out of the popular crowd and turns her into the high school’s best bad joke. Determined to finish the year and graduate, Hannah must keep the humiliating details from her impulsive mother—who just might pack up their belongings and move. Again.

Hannah hovers below the radar by submersing herself in a new routine. Post-it notes, Dewey Decimal numbers and carefully planned trips to the library are her refuge. That is, until a persistent new student invades her space. Lucas has complete disregard for Hannah’s cynicism and snark, and he seems to know the bullies who targeted her. Can Hannah trust him, or is he part of another ploy to torment her?

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The Giveaway inclues:

  • Two (2) winners will received a physical copy of Hannah Both Ways by Rosie Greenway (US/Canada)
  • Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Hannah Both Ways by Rosie Greenway (INT)

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Cover Reveal: Black Diamond by Ali Dean


It’s not a place for the weak. No one here tolerates wimps. If you can’t handle it, leave. Welcome to Stark Springs, Colorado, home to the most talented young athletes in the world.

When Roxie Slade snaps into a pair of skis, there’s no one on Sugarville Mountain in Vermont who can keep up with her. Not even the boys. Still, Roxie was shocked when she received a scholarship to Stark Springs Academy, a boarding school that churns out Olympians in each graduating class. Entering as a high school junior, Roxie can’t wait to learn from renowned coaches and train with the fastest ski racers from all over the globe.  But upon arrival, Roxie discovers that Stark Springs lives under its own set of rules, and it appears one boy plays dictator.

Ryker Black is not friendly and Roxie cannot fathom why everyone wants to be his friend. Sure, he’s gorgeous and rides a snowboard like it’s his fifth limb, but he’s cold, ruthless, and holds way too much power over the Stark Springs population. Roxie won’t put up with it. She’s here to train, and she doesn’t care about impressing anyone off the slopes. The only problem? Ryker Black doesn’t permit defiance. Not without consequences. 


Ali Dean lives in Colorado with her husband, twin toddlers, and golden retriever. In addition to reading and writing, she loves the outdoors- everything from marathon training and biking to snowboarding and skiing.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blog Tour & Review: Nexis by A.L. Davroe

I'm very honored and excited to be taking part in the blog tour for A.L. Davroe's Nexis.  This tour is being coordinated by the YA Read Blog Tours. Check out the exciting book details below:

Nexis by A.L. Davroe
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi

In the domed city of Evanescence, appearance is everything. A Natural Born amongst genetically-altered Aristocrats, all Ella ever wanted was to be like everyone else. Augmented, sparkling, and perfect. Then…the crash. Devastated by her father’s death and struggling with her new physical limitations, Ella is terrified to learn she is not just alone, but little more than a prisoner.

Her only escape is to lose herself in Nexis, the hugely popular virtual reality game her father created. In Nexis she meets Guster, a senior player who guides Ella through the strange and compelling new world she now inhabits. He offers Ella guidance, friendship…and something more. Something that allows her to forget about the “real” world, and makes her feel whole again. But Nexis isn’t quite the game everyone thinks it is. And it’s been waiting for Ella.

Talk about unique!  I loved this story.  I've really been getting into Sci-Fi in recent months, and this story was a wonderful addition to the genre.  It had a kind of Hunger Games feel to it in only one sense... the society modifies their appearance in these radical ways, to where appearing normal is actually strange.  That's where the similarities end, though.  It was a unique concept to have developed a world where people modify themselves so severely, but the really sad thing about it is that I could actually see that happening at some point in our future, because our world is so obsessed with looks. So there were definitely some great themes here.

Second to that is the creation of a gaming world where players can immerse themselves virtually. Yes, I have read a story like that in the past, but what this author does with this gaming world was completely unique and different.  The purpose behind it, the way it works, and what happens after it, are different and inventive.

I loved the main character immediately.  She's a "natural" in a world of modified people, and she hates herself for it because she sees herself as somehow lesser.  At first, the story began a little slow for me, but in retrospect, I see that the author wanted to be sure to paint the before and after of events, character, and setting to contrast what was to come. It was wonderfully done.

Ella lives through something horrific that only gets worse, and causes her to want to sink herself into the game created by her now dead father. As she navigates through the game, meeting a special guy along the way, she begins to learn things about herself, about the game, and worse, about the real world, that has her reeling.  There are political ramifications that shock her, and the reader.

This book was filled with twists and turns, exciting romance, amazing character growth, and two levels of wonderful settings that really immersed you into the story.  There were times of heartbreak, times of thrill, and times of romantic quietness that just made a wonderful and unique blend of story elements.  I was left with a major question at the end of this book and can't wait for the next one to come out.  Great story!!

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Author Info

A.L. (Amanda) Davroe writes both YA and adult speculative fiction. She prefers revisionist tales in paranormal, romance, Steampunk, and fantasy. She is the author of Salvation Station (adult psych
horror), The City Steam Collection (adult psych horror), For Your Heart (YA Paranormal Romance) and her YA Sci-Fi novel, Nexis, is coming out with Entangled Publishing  December 1, 2015!

By day, Amanda lives in Connecticut with her two feline hench-creatures and makes cheese.  She’s a terrible blusher, has a weak spot for cuddly animals, loves Laffy Taffy and Cadbury MiniEggs, and she’s a huge advocate of alternative healing methods.  Amanda also wears purple shoes and corsets…Though not always in the same ensemble.  She’s a Capricorn, a Hufflepuff, a bit gothic, and a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal.

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Review: Tarnished by Kate Jarvik Birch

Tarnished by Kate Jarvik Birch
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Entangled
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Freedom comes at a cost... Ella was genetically engineered to be the perfect pet—graceful, demure...and kept. In a daring move, she escaped her captivity and took refuge in Canada. But while she can think and act as she pleases, the life of a liberated pet is just as confining as the Congressman’s gilded cage. Her escape triggered a backlash, and now no one's safe, least
of all the other pets. But she's trapped, unable to get back
to Penn—the boy she loves—or help the girls who need her.

Back in the United States, pets are turning up dead. With help from a very unexpected source, Ella slips deep into the dangerous black market, posing as a tarnished pet available to buy or sell. If she's lucky, she'll be able to rescue Penn and expose the truth about the breeding program. If she fails, Ella will pay not only with her life, but the lives of everyone she's tried to save...

This installment of the Perfected series wasn't quite what I was expecting, but don't get me wrong, that wasn't a bad thing.  Ella has crossed the border into Canada to find safety, but was unfortunately separated from her love, Penn.  She's living in a refugee house for liberated/escaped pets, and she doesn't really like it.  Basically, it seemed to me like she had traded one prison for another.  The people running the place weren't really doing anything to help these girls assimilate into society, to teach them how to make their way in the world.  Instead, they just kept them under lock and key.  So one prison to another, although the people appear to have the best of intentions.  Ella has only one thing on her mind though, and that's getting back to Penn.

I know some people had an issue with this because she spent so much effort trying to escape the U.S., only to try to get back to it for love.  Personally, as a romantic, I thought that was perfectly logical.  After all, the original escape plan had been for Penn to be with her, not captured and dragged back.  So I can understand why she would want to try to find him and get him back.

I liked this book because we got to see some major growth in Ella's character.  She's not the cutesy, elegant, naive and shy girl she was in the first story.  Throughout the course of this adventurous tale, she grows a backbone, and shows some real fierce personality that I absolutely loved.  As she meets up with another pet she used to know, the two are doing their best to cross the border, hide out, figure out how to survive, and find Penn.  I loved the journey she took internally and how much she changed over the course of this external and internal journey.

This was a more exciting second installment to the series that read a lot more fast-paced.  I loved how the author dealt with some sensitive subjects, showed us a little bit more behind the world of the pets, and progressed the story further.  A very good installment.  Looking forward to the next one.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: The First Last Boy by Sonya Weiss

I'm excited to be taking part in the blog tour for Sonya Weiss' The First Last Boy!  Check out the awesome book and giveaway details below:

The First Last Boy by Sonya Weiss
Release Date: October 20, 2015
Genre:  New Adult Contemporary

Sex was the plan. Falling in love wasn't.Eighteen-year-old Montana "Tana" Shaw has a plan for her life and she follows it to the letter. That includes losing her virginity to her best friend, Ryan Collins before she leaves for college. He's wild, tattooed, and oh-so-tempting. She never meant to fall for him. But when Tana learns that Ryan's past is responsible for her family's heartache, she's not sure her heart or their relationship can survive.

Ryan Collins is the foster boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He's scarred, no good, and knows with a past like his that he shouldn't get involved with Tana even if the sparks are hot enough to drive him crazy. But when the past rears its ugly head, he'll become the guy he hates in order to save the girl he loves.

I loved this book from the very first page.  The characters leaped off the page to me, and their chemistry was evident from the start.  But let me assure you.  This wasn't insta-love.  It was longtime friendship with denied sexual chemistry that both parties had ignored from the beginning until finally Tana decides she wants to lose her virginity to the person she trusts the most, her friend Ryan.  When you throw an idea like that into a great friendship where both people have been trying to ignore feelings, you end up with feelings.

This was a great relationship based story, but also had a wonderful external conflict too.  Ryan's past involves some pretty bad people, and he has to figure out a way to keep that from touching Tana.
Only, he can't.

Both of these characters were amazing to me in different ways.  I lovd Tana for her sweetness and spunk, a combination you don't see often.  I loved Ryan for his sexy, sweet, and caring side that he works so hard to keep people from seeing, but also he's got that reckless but brave and selfless side that just makes you fall in love with him.

There was a wonderful mixture between external and internal conflict in this story, as well as romance.  The romance had my toes curling.  The book was very fast paced to the point where I looked up and it was over before I knew it and I was wishing I had some more.  Excellent book!!

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About the Author

Sonya Weiss is a freelance writer, ghostwriter and author. She's addicted to great books, good
movies, and Italian chocolates.

She's passionate about causes that support abused animals and children. Her parents always supported her bringing stray animals home although the Great Dane rescue was a surprise.

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Review: The Healing Power of Sugar by C.L. Stone

The Healing Power of Sugar by C.L. Stone
Release Date: November 24, 2015
Publisher: Arcato Publishing
Genre: Mature Young Adult Contemporary

It’s been a week since Sang has attended any classes at Ashley Waters, and since then, everything has changed. Her school schedule has been turned upside down, and now, thanks to her absences, the school counselor, Ms. Wright, has suspended her. The fear of school officials getting further involved and looking to contact her parents has Sang and the boys forced into their best behavior. It seems that the once perfect student, Sang Sorenson, is now one of the school’s worst, and without explanation, because she needs to keep her lips tightly sealed. Academy secrets are becoming hazardous to keep.

The more that Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North try to protect her, the more inevitable her downfall seems to be. They do their best to make sure Sang stays in school and when she returns to classes, try to help her get back on the straight and narrow—she can’t afford to screw up anymore.  But then fate deals out a setback that cripples the whole team, and they need to make a move, it turns into a risky one. There’s no way to predict the outcome. If they fail, the boys may lose the job they were sent to do, and worse, they may even lose Sang.

Everything gets more difficult when it’s revealed there might be a traitor amidst the group. Desperate to fix things, Sang needs to stop the group from spilling secrets and find out the truth. And why all fingers seem to be pointing to Luke. The Academy, Magnanimous

This was a very interesting installment to one of my favorite series of the past year.  We got to see more of Luke in this story, which was great.  Luke is one of the characters I've felt has kind of melted into the background in recent books, so it was nice seeing him front and center and being the object of the story this time.

I love the mystery that the author created around look this time, and I have to admit, she had me questioning a lot of things I thought I knew about Luke.  This was a nice twist, and a nice opportunity for development.  All of the characters has had some amazing moments of complexity throughout the series, but this one really gave Luke some depth, and allowed Sang to see some new sides to him that she might not have seen before.

I love that that the overall storyline appears to be progressing on one front.  It feels like things are about to come to a head, and I am looking forward to seeing how they work it out.  I would have liked to have seen more progression on that front throughout this book, but I do know the author is slowly building us toward the overall story's big complex.

The taste of romance in the story was good, although I felt that it didn't progress as much as I've come to expect from prior books.  Don't get me wrong though!  There is romance, and I did enjoy it.  I just wanted more of it.  But I know it's coming.  Just from reading the excerpt from the back of the book, I have a feeling that the next book is going to center around one of the guy characters I've been waiting on since the beginning.  I'll look forward to seeing his reactions, and to see how Sang's new purpose plays out.

I know...that was a very vague review, but I be more specific without ruining the other stories for anyone who hasn't read it.  All in all, this was a good installment to the series and I am very, very, very much looking forward to the next book!!

Tempting New Tales

Tempting New Tales is my weekly post where I share what new books I managed to acquire this week. Credit goes back to the Stacking the Shelves weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  

Okay, so I did a little better on my posting this week.  I actually posted all but one of the items I had intended to post.  Progress!!  I actually got a new job, and once I serve out my notice at my current one, I should be able to have more time again for blogging, because I won't be working in a sweatshop. Thank heavens!!  

Below is my breakdown of what was posted last week, and what I'll be posting in the coming week. 

  • Review: Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner.  Post here.
  • Holiday Giveaway and Discussion Post: Out of all that happened to you this year, what are you most thankful for? Did I say Giveaway!!  Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card! My holiday present to you!! Post here.
  • Review: The Healing Power of Sugar by C.L. Stone.  Post later this morning.

Here's what to look forward to next week:

  • Blog Tour, Review, & Giveaway: The First Last Boy by Sonya Weiss 
  • Review: Bound by Donnielle Tyner
  • Review: Tarnished by Kate Jarvik Birch
  • Temping Future YA Releases: December 2015
  • Review: Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Now, on to the new bookshelf items.  Here's what I got this week!

Have you read any of these yet?  What did you get this week?  Leave a comment!

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Holiday Giveaway and Discussion Post!

So this is a rather special discussion post because I'm combining a Thanksgiving Day discussion along with a special Holiday Season giveaway.  Between November 26, 2015 and December 26, 2015, I'll be holding a special giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card as a present to one of my lucky followers. So let's discuss first, and then stick around below for the giveaway details!

My Discussion Topic This Week - Out of everything that's happened to you this year, what are you most Thankful for?

Have you ever had one of those years where so much good happened to you that it's hard to pick just one thing to be thankful for?  I had a year like that in 2015.  To name a few things:

  • I had a brand new grandbaby named Gabriel Alexander and got to be a part of the delivery with my daughter.
  • After 7 months out of work, I got a new job
  • My husband and I celebrated 14 years of marriage and 15 years together
  • My daughter found a career for herself, which in turn blessed me
  • We paid off our car
  • After discovering that my new job made me horribly unhappy from the first day, and I've been working in a sweatshop that's kept me from having any sort of home life, including blogging, I just got offered a new job.

And there were several more.  But out of all that, the thing I am most thankful for is that I have all my family around me still.  Everyone is still here, still in good health, and still the rocks of my life. 

What about you?  What are you most thankful for this year?  Let's discuss....


I want to offer a $25 gift card as a Christmas gift to one of my followers.  Open to U.S. entrants..  I'll announce the winner right after the entry time frame closes.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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Review: Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner

Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner
Release Date: August 11, 2015
Genre: YA Contemporary/Mythological Fantasy

How long can a monster stay hidden in plain sight?  Seventeen year-old Hope Nicholas has spent her entire life on the run. But no one is chasing her. In fact, no one even knows she exists. With her mom, she’s traveled from town to town and school to school, barely staying long enough to meet anyone, let alone make friends. And she’ll have to keep it that way. It’s safer.

When her mother is brutally ripped away from her, Hope’s life shatters. Is this the fulfillment of Apollo’s curse, murder from the shadow monsters of the Underworld, or have the demigods finally found her? Orphaned and alone, Hope flees again, but this time there’s no one to teach her who to trust—or how to love.

Set in a universe where mythology is alive and well in the modern world, Curse of the Sphinx irresistibly blends action, suspense and romance.

Wow!  I totally was not expecting this book. The author gave me a copy in exchange for an honest review, and I figured I'd be a little into it, considering the fact that it's mythology-based, which I love. But I got a lot more than I was anticipating with this book.

The story is set in the modern world where the Greek gods rule, and it's a known and accepted fact by everyone.  Although it did take me a few chapters before I caught on to the fact that the whole world knows about the gods, demi-gods, and their monster creations.  But it didn't detract from my enjoyment. It was just made more clear as time moved forward.

I loved the characters in the story, especially Hope.  She is cursed to become a sphinx in a certain time frame... from what I could tell, it seemed like a monthly thing.  The curse and its reasons, the beginning of it, etc... wasn't exactly explained, but this is only the first book, and I anticipate that more will be revealed as the series progresses.  And I'm looking forward to having those pieces revealed.

Hope was a character that had to learn to rely on herself pretty early when she loses her mother.  I love that she was independent and strong.  She takes care of herself, is responsible, and she learned all this the hard way.  I loved the character growth here and the journey that she goes through.  There were times that I felt so badly for her,and how she must bear this burden alone, and worry about what could happen to herself all alone.

Then there's Athan.  He was a bit of an enigma in a way because although he was sweet and kind, and kind of sexy, he also had his moments of anger.  I'm intrigued by his story because I think there's more going on behind the surface with him than he has revealed.  So I'm looking forward to getting to know him even better, and getting to see the romance progress in this story.

The author did a really good job with the way she chose to organize the story, utilizing time frames before and after different moves her mother and she made, and before the next time she will change. It could have been confusing, but the author did a great job with it.  I love the mythology, love the romance, and I love where the story is going.  When the ending finally came, I found myself really wishing that the second book was already out.  Can't wait to read it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tempting New Tales

Tempting New Tales is my weekly post where I share what new books I managed to acquire this week. Credit goes back to the Stacking the Shelves weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  

If you follow my blog, you know I've only been able to post about once a week lately.  I've been working a lot of late hours at work, including on Saturdays, and at those times when I've actually been home, I haven't felt like doing much of anything.   Yes, I'm working on getting another job and am real close.  In the meantime, please bear with me.  I'm going to try to post more often and get back into the swing. To that end, this is my Tempting New Tales post... and it has been some time since I've done one of these.

Below is my breakdown of what was posted last week, and what I'll be posting in the coming week. 

I'm doing this a little different since I've been posting so sporadically, I'm starting with the first post I put up since the last Tempting New Tales I did.  

  • Discussion post: What do you do when life interferes with your blogging? Post here.
  • Review: Dumplin' by Julie Murphy. Post here.
  • Review: Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch. Post here.
  • Review: Falling for the Wrong Guy by Sara Hantz. Post here.
  • Review: Worth it by Linda Kage. Post here.
  • Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Return Once More by Trisha Leigh. Post here.
  • Blog Tour and Review: Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn. Post here.
  • Review: Paper Thin by Jennifer Snyder. Post here.
  • Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway: Abby and the Cute One by Erin Butler. Post here.

Here's what to look forward to next week:

  • Discussion Post: Out of everything that's happened to you this year, what are you most Thankful for?
  • Review: Curse of the Sphynx by Raye Wagner
  • Review: Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Giveaway: Special Holiday Giveaway!
  • Review: The Healing Power of Sugar by C.L. Stone

Now, on to the new bookshelf items.  Here's what I got this week!

Have you read any of these yet?  What did you get this week?  Leave a comment!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Abby and the Cute One by Erin Butler

I'm very excited to be taking part in the blog tour for the last Backstage Pass installment, Abby and the Cute One by Erin Butler.  Check out the awesome book details below!!

Abby and the Cute One (Backstage Pass #5) by Erin Butler
Release Date: November 16, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

He's cute. He's famous. And he could ruin everything... Every member of Seconds to Juliet has a girlfriend-except for Nathan Strong. Now the band's manager is leaning hard on "The Cute One" to play the role of the band's heartthrob. With the band's sales in decline, it's up to Nathan to keep the fans' fantasy alive.

The plan is to stage a fake relationship and a fake breakup, and then let the fans fight to be the one to mend Nathan's broken heart. Just one problem. There's another girl in the picture-one Nathan can't stay away from. In private, Nathan's stealing kisses with the band's new opening act, Abby Curtis.

If they're caught, no one wins. Abby will be fired, and the band might not recover the success they need to survive. But even with the pressure mounting, Nathan and Abby can't stop themselves from stealing one more touch, one more kiss. And it's only a matter of time before it all falls apart.

I've been a big fan of the Backstage Pass series since the very first book, and have thoroughly enjoyed each installment.  I've been eagerly anticipating Nathan's story, because he's the one I felt like I knew the least about. He's more quiet, the youngest, and hasn't really taken center stage, so to speak, in the overall plot so far.  This book didn't disappointment.

I loved Nathan immediately.  He's so sweet and cute.  I hated the situation he now finds himself in.  All the other guys in the band have girlfriends, so the pressure is on for him to be the "dateable" one, the one people still have a chance with.  Thus, he has to go on dates with celebrity girls he isn't even interested in.  I know this happens in real life.  You know all those celebrity marriages that occur and last a year or less?  They were probably PR setups.  I felt really bad for Nathan because of this situation, for him to have to hold the entire bag when what he really wants is a more simple girl, down to earth.  He finds that in Abby.

Abby was so sweet, talented, and what I thought was a perfect match for Nathan. They meet very early in the story,and they had what I would describe as a "meet cute".  I won't spoil it for anyone, but I will say that I was on board with their romance from the first few pages.  She's got a YouTube following and is auditioning to be the opening act for Seconds to Juliet.  Only problem is, once she's there, she's pretty much forbidden ground for Nathan in all respects.

I loved the conflict in this story, the way PR people try to dictate a celebrity's every move.  And I loved the romance.  I can't go into more detail without ruining something for those who haven't read it.  But the author did a fabulous job giving this book depth inside a cute story, and for ending out this great series with a wonderful installment.  Loved it.

Buy Links


About the Author

Erin Butler is lucky enough to have two jobs she truly loves. As a librarian, she gets to work with
books all day long, and as an author, Erin uses her active imagination to write the kinds of books she loves to read. Young Adult and New Adult books are her favorites, but she especially fangirls over a sigh-worthy romance.

She lives in Central New York with her very understanding husband, a stepson, and doggie BFF, Maxie. Preferring to spend her time indoors reading or writing, she’ll only willingly go outside for chocolate and sunshine—in that order.

Author Links

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