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Blog Tour: Toxic Bad Boy by April Brookshire

I'm very excited and privileged to take part in the blog tour for April Brookshire's Toxic Bad Boy, the final book in her Beware of Bad Boy series, organized by Bewitching Book Tours!  Check out these hot book details and the giveaway below!

Beware of Bad Boy (Book 1)
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Danger! Bad Boy (Book 2)
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Toxic Bad Boy by April Brookshire
Book 3 in the Beware of Bad Boy Trilogy

Genre: Mature Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 30, 2015

Caleb and Gianna’s lives were ruined by a brutal attack. She ended up in the hospital and he was thrown in juvie.

For Caleb, being apart from Gianna is worse torture than being locked up. He’s unable to help her through the aftermath of the assault and dealing with the confinement of youth corrections.

Gianna is lost, her mind going to dark places. She loves and misses Caleb, but doesn’t know how to deal with the upheaval and panic attacks. Emerging, are new threats to her safety and her relationship with Caleb.

While Gianna struggles with her ability to be Caleb’s girlfriend after he’s released, Caleb struggles to hold on to the only girl he’s ever loved.

I'm updating this blog tour post to include a review.  I just received the eARC for this yesterday and finished it.  So I wanted to have an opportunity to include some thoughts about it.  

This book, and the entire series actually, is just as hot as it looks!  I love Caleb and I love Gianna!  This final book was such a thrill ride.  After what happened to Gianna in the second book, which I won't say in case you haven't read it, I was so impressed with Caleb and his actions, and how he stayed so true to her.  Then he still maintains that bad boy persona we've all come to know and love.

I did question a few of Gianna's actions, but then again, after what happened, I can kind of understand why she might make these decisions.  But honestly, you just have to love these books,  and that's all there is to it.  The author has done an amazing job on this series, and this was a wonderful conclusion to it.  The writing was so good, so well-paced, and so touching.  If you haven't read the series, you have to get it!!  It has heart, and it's hot too!  What more could you want!?


About the Author:

April Brookshire  is the author of the Beware of Bad Boy and Young Assassins series. She also co-authors the Dead Chaos series. She writes under the contemporary romance and apocalyptic fantasy genres and has a few projects in the works for 2015.

Growing up with four brothers, she doesn’t like chick flicks but devours romance books of all genres. A book addict, she’s read almost two thousand books to date.

April lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, where she raises her young son. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually reading, but also enjoys attending concerts and plays in the numerous venues of the city.

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Finally, the tour is giving away 1 print set of the trilogy!  Open to U.S. Shipping only.  Enter via the Rafflecopter giveaway below!!

Look for my review of the book, coming soon!!

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