Sunday, March 15, 2015

Discussion Post: Fear to Post Negative Reviews?

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My Discussion Topic This Week - Fear to Post Negative Reviews?

Okay, so I'm one of those kinds of people that hates to hurt others' feelings.  I've been known to go out of my way to avoid it for a couple reasons:

  • I don't want to be disliked by the person
  • I don't want to hurt that person's feelings

This translates slightly into my blog posting.  I post negative reviews when I need to, but I hate having to do it every time.  And when I say negative reviews, I don't mean scathing, nasty comments, but constructive criticism instead.  I don't make negative statements about the author, say s/he can't write, or that their book sucks.  I just explain what didn't work for me, what elements caused me not to enjoy the book or characters.  Despite the fact that I do it in the nicest possible way, I always have some of the following thoughts when posting:

  • If the author sees this, will s/he hate my guts?
  • Will s/he speak negatively about me and my blog?
  • Will my comments negatively impact him/her and their writing, or will s/he take my comments in the spirit they were given and use them to improve something, or at least realize it was subjective and only one person's opinion?
  • Will other bloggers who disagree with me read my post and dislike me, my blog?

Don't get me wrong, I don't sit around and angst over it with my finger wavering over the Publish button for hours... I'm not a two year old.  I click to post it as I would any other post.  The above thoughts are just things that flit through my mind pretty quickly. Stream of consciousness.  What I do, however, is work very hard on what I say.  I give thought into how I word a negative review so that I make sure nothing I say is personal toward the author or her ability to write.  I make sure it's clear that my issue was that the book just wasn't for me for whatever reasons I mention.

So my question is... does anyone else have similar thoughts?  Do you worry about posting negative reviews and their potential impact on the author, you, or other bloggers?  Do you work harder at what you say when you know you're going to be writing a negative review?

Let's discuss...

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