Sunday, April 12, 2015

Discussion Post: How much time do you spend commenting on other blogs?

Linking back to Feed Your Fiction Addiction, and to It Starts At Midnight who host the 2015 Discussion Post challenge.

My Discussion Topic This Week - How much time do you spend commenting on other blogs?  Further, how do you make sure to revisit blogs you like?

If you visit just about any blog, you'll see bloggers end their posts by inviting people to comment. There's also that new graphic I'm seeing on everyone's blog now that states that they comment back. You know the one....

So obviously, commenting is a big part of blogging, and a very important one, for several reasons:

  • It starts conversations on your blog, and who doesn't want people actively participating in their blog posts?  Doesn't it make you feel like all your hard work is paying off if you see people enjoying and reading what you've worked so hard to create?
  • If someone comments, they might become a follower
  • You want to talk about books and blogging, and it's awfully difficult to have a one-sided conversation.  Commenting allows you to have those discussions that you love.
  • It drives traffic to your blog.

But how much time do you spend commenting on blogs?  I participate in three main memes: Stacking the Shelves, Waiting on Wednesday, and Feature and Follow Friday.  In the last two months, I have started to really work my way through the linkup lists, and I try to comment on as many blogs as I can... especially for the WoW and FF posts each week. I choose these deliberately because a) I want more followers myself, and I want to find more interesting blogs (so I comment on FFs), and b) I want to see upcoming books I might not have heard of (so I comment on WoW posts.)  By no means do I make it through the entire list, but I try.  Since I started doing this, I'm spending several hours a week visiting and commenting on blogs.

I also have RSS'd several blogs who post regular discussion posts, and I comment on those each week as well.  But what's your method?  Do you spend your time only posting on meme linky blogs, or do you branch out?  How long does it take you to visit all the blogs you visit each week?  And to the second part of my question above... how do you make sure to re-find, and thus re-comment each week on blogs you've already found?

Let's discuss...

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