Sunday, April 5, 2015

Discussion Post: What's your method for reading other blogs?

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My Discussion Topic This Week - What's your method for reading other blogs?

It seems like there are as many ways to read the blogs you follow as there are blogs to follow.  I admit it is sometimes difficult for me to figure out the best way to make sure I read my blogs because I follow a LOT of blogs... so being able to see them all and make sure I don't miss something is sometimes challenging.  Here are some ways I know of:

  • GFC
  • Bloglovin Digest or Daily email
  • An RSS feed reader
  • Subscribing by email

I subscribe generally through GFC, but of course, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to be able to see the blog posts and read them easily.  That method just isn't practical anymore, and I'm not sure it even works anymore since they got rid of Google Reader.  I subscribe to a blog's Goodreads, Twitters, Facebook, etc... but these aren't generally the ways I've chosen to really read the blog content regularly.  So I basically use a combination of these three:

  • I email subscribe to a small, select group of blogs (probably less than 10), and they are usually blogs that offer something completely unique from other blogs that I want to be able to see daily such as blogs that organize blog tours, blitzes or cover reveals.  Not a lot of blogs fall into this category out of necessity. If I subscribed via email to every blog I follow, I would literally receive hundreds of emails a day.
  • I browse through a daily Bloglovin digest and will browse through all the posts, generally giving major attention to posts that stand out and really interest me.
  • RSS.  

I have to admit I spend the majority of my time reading blogs via RSS.  However, not everyone I follow goes on my RSS, just like not everyone I follow is done by email subscription.  I pick and choose which ones I RSS based on a couple factors such as blogs that are really good about posting lists about upcoming books.  I love to find new books I'm not yet aware of, so I love blogs that post lists like these.  If I see a blog that does this, it goes straight to my RSS.

The second factor is blogs that offer a regular feature (besides the general memes we all participate in) that is of interest to me, such as blogging tips, blogs that offer countdown widgets regularly (another way to find out about new books I'm not aware of), and blogs that do good discussion posts regularly.  I use FeedReader3 as my RSS reader.

So, what are your ways of reading the blogs you follow?  Oh, and if you say RSS, which program do you use?

Let's discuss...

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