Sunday, May 10, 2015

Discussion Post: Too Much to Post, Too Few Days?

Linking back to Feed Your Fiction Addiction, and to It Starts At Midnight who host the 2015 Discussion Post challenge.

My Discussion Topic This Week - Do you ever run into the problem where you have too much that needs to be posted and not enough days in the week/month?

So this is one that's been on my mind both last month and this month, and let me be completely honest here... it's been all my fault.  I've overbooked myself considerably in April and May with ARCs and with blog tours.

Normally, my post week looks like this:

  • Sunday - Discussion Post
  • Monday - Review
  • Tuesday - Review
  • Wednesday - Waiting on Wednesday meme
  • Thursday - Review
  • Friday - Feature and Follow Friday
  • Saturday - Stacking the Shelves

There have been some few times where I've deviated from this a little if I had an extra review, a cover reveal or blog tour I needed to do, or one of my regular features such as my Monday's Month in Retrospect post, or my monthly Tempting Future YA Releases posts.  For the most part though, I always stuck to the above schedule.  With how I've overbooked myself in the last couple months though, I've had to post my memes at around midnight, and then post a review, cover reveal, or blog tour post on top of it to post at around 8 central am on meme days.

While I personally don't mind doing it, it is a lot more stressful to keep up with.  Plus I worry that my following audience won't like the multiple posts a day.

Do you ever overbook yourself in this fashion?  Do you handle it by doing multiple posts a day?  What are your thoughts on multiple posts a day?  And when I say multiple a day, I don't mean every day, just maybe once or twice that week.  Do you think multiple posts twice a week or so are good or bad?

Let's discuss...

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