Sunday, May 24, 2015

Discussion Post: When do you do your blogging?

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My Discussion Topic This Week - When do you do your blogging?

So anyone who reads my blog or follows me on social media may notice that I'm up at all hours of the night.  I'm a night owl for sure and always have been.  Once upon a time, that meant I stayed up and greeted the sun and then slept until after noon.  As I got a bit older and started working, I realized I was sleeping my day away and kind of mourned it.  So my habits changed.  I'm still a night owl, but I don't greet the sun, I just stay up really late.  Yet, I still get up at about 5:30 every morning.  Yes, those of you computing... that means I only get about 4 or 5 hours sleep a night and that's horrible.

The up side to this is that it's super duper for my blogging habits.  Blogging helps me unwind... so after a long day at work, pounding away at the keyboard and staring at a computer screen, I come straight home and do what?  Yes, that's right, I pound away at the computer and stare at a computer screen!  Yeah, I never claimed to be smart.

So here's my blogging schedule...when I sit down to blog, write posts, look for new books to buy, read other blogs, post comments and other things:

  • As soon as I come home from work, I get on the computer and clear out my email.  I usually get up to about 50 emails a day for The Tale Temptress.  So this can take about an hour to an hour and a half, generally.  I'm pretty fast at email.  But the emails usually lead to:
  • Finding blog tours participation invites, finding ebook ARCs sitting in my email that must then be logged on my spreadsheet, finding posts from the blogs I follow by email, which then usually leads to me having to add a few books to my "Must Acquire" list, and then I have to add things to Goodreads, etc. 
  • I comment on other blogs.
  • I eat dinner.
  • I get back on the computer, pull up my list of books that are out but not yet acquired and pick out a few to buy that I've been dying for.
  • I write up a couple posts to schedule for the blog...that's usually if I'm a tad behind.  Generally, I schedule everything out at least two weeks in advance.  But some posts can't be scheduled, so I'll do those now.
  • I spend time with my husband, watch some shows during this.  I usually stop at about 9 and then generally do fun cuddling things with my husband.
  • By then it's about ten pm. I put up the computer and go read until about midnight.
  • I get up at 5:30am.
  • On breaks at work, I scroll through my Bloglovin app and read posts.
  • During lunch break, I read.

That's the weekdays.  On Saturdays, I'm off but my husband works.  This leaves me all day to blog. So here's how it goes:

  • I wake up at about 5:30am and have coffee.
  • I see my hubs off to work with a kiss and a cuddle.
  • I get on the computer and do all items previously mentioned above.
  • This is also the day when I do my two weeks worth of scheduling blog posts.
  • Then I go to the meme sites of the memes I participate in, go to the linky list and start visiting and commenting on blogs.

I know not everyone does it like I do, of course, and there are probably better, more efficient, or more sane ways of doing it.  So what's your method?  What time of day do you do your blogging?

Let's discuss...

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