Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday's Month In Retrospect: April 2015

Monday's Month in Retrospect is a monthly meme hosted by The Tale Temptress to look back at your favorites, your "MVPs", or "Best Ofs" from what you read the previous month.  To participate:

  • Pick your "Best Ofs" from the specified categories below
  • Post them in a MMiR (Monday's Month in Retrospect post on your blog (include why each was your favorite)
  • Add your link to the list at the end of this post.

Additional rules:  You can use pictures to illustrate your Best Of picks, your idea of what a character looks like, etc...  Also, you can use my simple banner above, or your own, just as long as you link back.  You can even combine this with a regular "month/week in review" post that you already do. Just make sure to link back so we can all see what everyone thought was the Best.  The Best Of categories are:

  • Best Book
  • Best Hero
  • Best Heroine
  • Best Villain
  • Best Quote, if you have one
  • Best Cover

So here is my Monday's Month In Retrospect for what I read in April 2015.  This was an extraordinarily difficult month to choose from because I read some amazing books. Here they are:

Title: Flame by Amy Kathleen Ryan
Why It Was My Favorite:  This was one of the most amazing series ev-ah!!!  It's one of my favorites of all time.  It has it all.  Action, adventure, romance, amazing characterization and a wonderful story.
Reviewed?   Yes.  See review here.

Character: Ten from A Perfect Ten by Linda Kage
Why He Was My Favorite:  What's not to like?  He was an obnoxiously blunt, foul-mouthed, womanizer with a heart that's just a lot dirty and sexy, but with a huge heart.  When they fall, they fall hard.  Loved him!!

Character: Roya from Awoken by Sarah Noffke
Why She Was My Favorite: What was not to love about her.  She was strong and self-sacrificing.  I loved how hard she worked to keep her emotions from showing.  It was heartbreaking but so poignant.  I loved the character journey she undergoes.  It was perfect.


Character/Entity: Anne Mather from Flame by Amy Kathleen Ryan
Why This Villain Was My Favorite: I hated this lady! She's the perfect type of villain.  An absolute monster who does horrible things, but thinks she's justified and actually believes that what she's doing is for the great good.  Manipulative and deceitful, but with what she thinks is a legitimate reason. Great villain.

Quote from: I'm going to give you two from Ten in A Perfect Ten by Linda Kage.
Quote 1: "That one's so hot, I'd even do her again."
Quote 2: "I haven't had a true, honest girlfriend in over four years.  I...I'm rusty at, you know, monogamy and commitment and shit.
Why It's My Favorite: These just represent Ten perfectly.  Ahh, I love character growth.

Book Cover: Awoken by Sarah Noffke
Why It's My Favorite:  I love covers with water in them.  They're so ethereal.  And I love how she's floating in the water but the position of her body indicates that she's not just floating. There's more to it than that.  It ties in perfectly with the book itself.

What are your Best Ofs for April?  Link up!

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