Saturday, May 9, 2015

Review: Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep

Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Publisher: Kensington Books

I’ve battled the Reapers of Chaos before–and survived. But this time I have a Bad, Bad Feeling it’s going to be a fight to the death … most likely mine.

Yeah, I’ve got my psychometry magic, my talking sword, Vic–and even the most dangerous Spartan on campus at my side, in Logan freaking Quinn, but I’m no match for Loki, the evil Norse god of chaos. I may be Nike’s Champion, but at heart, I’m still just Gwen Frost, that weird Gypsy girl everyone at school loves to gossip about.

Then someone I love is put in more danger than ever before, and something inside me snaps. This time, Loki and his Reapers are going down for good … or I am.

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that I have read and reviewed all the books in the Frost series, and have fangirled and raved about them.  Well, here I am being a broken record.  I'm about to spew forth some more major love for this series yet again.  I love Jennifer Estep! I love the Frost series!! I loved this book!!  Love, love, love!!

From the very first book, the characters of Gwen Frost and Logan the Spartan captured my heart. They are both badass, brave, honorable, and endearing.  The story itself was inventive and engrossing.  The fact that it's set amidst a bunch of mythological creatures just put the icing on the cake for me.

This final installment was a perfect, fitting ending to what has been a phenomenal series.  Gwen and logan are two of my favorite characters of all time, and their romance had me ooing and ahhing for the length of six books.  Gwen's willingness for self-sacrifice for those she loves made her an endearing character that I loved to root for.  And Logan and his honorable nature and mad fighting skills made him one of the sexiest heroes.

The story, as always, was fast-paced, literally pulling me by through on the edge of my seat.  The fight scenes had me biting my nails, and hopping up and down in my chair.  Jennifer Estep knows how to world-build, knows to create memorable characters, and knows how to engage you and keep you there to the last page.  This series will definitely be one that I will re-read many times into the future.  Brilliant ending!!

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