Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: Raine by J.C. Valentine

Raine by J.C. Valentine
Release Date: August 31, 2014
Genre: New Adult

Shy.  Intelligent.  Naive.  Statistic.  Raine Forester was an average girl leading an average life. She slipped beneath everyone's radar, until Camron Moss, the most popular guy in school, took interest in her and changed everything.  Some acts are unforgivable.

Raine thought she'd been accepted. She thought she was one of them. She thought she was in love... until one moment made her realize she'd trusted the wrong person. Lies are told, hearts get broken, secrets are revealed, and sometimes, true love is found in the least likely places.

This is a hard review for me to write because I loved this book so much that it's hard to really get my thoughts together about it.  From the summary, you can probably guess what happens to Raine that is "unforgiveable", but I won't reveal it in case you didn't figure it out.

I've read a lot of books where this type of "event" has happened in the plot, including a book I read not long ago which I ended up DNF'g.  Whether I like this type of book or not depends largely on how the victim reacts.  Bear n mind, I know there are different reactions out there, but when a person just totally goes off the rails and does nothing to help themselves or move past it, I have a hard time connecting with them. Raine was the perfect example of the type of heroine I love to read in this time of issue.

She did not spend the entire book whining about her circumstances... and let me tell you, she could have.  This event causes HER to be ostracized, kicked out of her family's home and pretty much sleeping in her car with nowhere to go and no money to take care of herself.  She does not wallow in her circumstances though.  She has pride in herself.  She works hard to rise above.  She does what she has to do.  She was strong and determined.  I absolutely loved her!!

Then there was Jarrett, the older brother of Cameron who was involved in the event.  Jarrett was an amazing hero for Raine. Aside from being amazingly sexy, tattooed and all around gorgeous, he was sweet and caring.  He is the only person who gives her a chance, lifts a finger to help her, and it's not his problem to take care of.  But it doesn't matter.  The scenes between these two were also very very hot!

I loved the writing in this story, loved the plot, fell in love with the two main characters...just loved everything. It was touching, tragic, and then sweet.  Kudos to the author for taking on such a difficult topic and doing such an amazing job with it.  Loved this book.

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