Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank

Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank
Release Date: April 7, 2014
Genre: Young Adult / Mature

Tick, tick, tock.  Time.  That’s all I have now.  A small room, a photograph, and time.

They want me to trust them and confess my sins.  They told me they wouldn't judge me—they lied.  I thought we could convince the world that this wasn't a crime.  We were wrong.

Time doesn't stand still.  The clock keeps ticking, the world is unconvinced, and now…  Now he is gone.

This book was so surprising to me at every turn.  The story is straight-forward.  This is a high school student-teacher taboo story.  Call me crazy but I'm fond of these, despite the taboo subject matter. This is one of the more intense ones I've ever read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have to admit that I didn't like Addison at first.  This is a girl that gets what she wants and is ruthless about it.  She pursues her teacher, Grayson McKendrick doggedly.  From the moment she sees him, she wants him, and she uses every feminine wile she has to capture him.  At first, her character comes off as coldly calculating, using her body and pretty much any other technique she can employ to make him want her.  I was turned off by her at first, even at the same time slightly admiring at the lengths to which she went to get at him.

I liked Grayson very much.  He tries so hard at first to do the right thing.  And his resolve lasts much longer than I expected it to.  When he finally caves, however, which you know from the summary that he obviously does, he caves in such a big way.  The scenes between these two were off the charts hot, and he turns into quite the dominant little dirty talker.  Wow.  I was very much taken aback by the intensity and passion he was hiding.

Throughout the story I didn't feel like I knew him as well as I knew Madison, but I gradually saw him a bit better as the story progressed toward the latter half.  Additionally, it was gratifying to watch the growth and change occur in Addison herself. Much of her behavior is explained through her interactions with her shrink... and this was a relationship that I truly loved.

The story takes place not only in alternate points of view, but also Past and Present.  You would think this would have made the book very confusing to read since we're swapping heads but also swapping time frames.  However, the story was flawlessly told and the author did an amazing job with these transitions.

In the hands of a lesser author, this story might not have turned out as good as it did, but she so skillfully wove the tale and the alternating points of view and time frames that I flew through the pages helplessly.  The story was at times hot, sweet, heartbreaking and uplifting.  It was brilliantly written.

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