Friday, June 19, 2015

Beautiful Blogger's Award

So I'm very pleased and grateful to say that I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger's Award by Ranu at The Bookish Life.  Thank you, Ranu!!

The Rules:

  • Link to the blogger who nominated you
  • List seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate seven, creative bloggers
  • Notify the amazing people you nominated for the award

My facts:

  • I blog, but I'm also an aspiring writer
  • I have seven dogs.  Yes, you read that right.  Seven.  But four of them are so tiny that if you put them together they only make two, really, so...  :-) 
  • I have two, gasp, grown children who are ages 22 and 23.
  • I have two grandbabies (I promise I'm not that old.  My daughter just started this baby business at a young age.
  • I hated math when I was in school and college and I ended up with a career in Finance.  Go figure.
  • My hair has never been shorter than my bra line.  It's a few inches longer than my bra line for several years now, and my husband loves it that way.
  • The book that made me move beyond poetry and short stories and into writing my first fiction novel manuscript was Susan Elizabeth Phillips' book, Honey Moon.  It inspired me so much that the next day I sat down and started plotting my own book.


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