Sunday, June 14, 2015

Discussion Post: How do you fit in your reading time?

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My Discussion Topic This Week - How do you fit in your reading time?

I'm getting this post up a little late.  My apologies.

A prior Feature and Follow Friday question made me think of this.  I'm not sure how I connected the two, but that's just how my mind works.  Anyway, let me start out by saying that I got laid off from my job about 7 months ago, and I only just found a new job about one month ago.  I was applying, searching, applying, searching, interviewing, interviewing, etc... for all 7 months and almost had several things.  During that time though, there just wasn't much open in my field and at my level.  The up side?  Unlimited reading and blogging time.

So now I have a new job for the past month. My commute is a bit longer than my prior job.  I'm having trouble fitting in substantial reading time.  I get an hour lunch, and two fifteen minute breaks a day.  I'm reading during those times.  However, since I'm now working again and the commute is longer, when I get home I'm eating dinner and blogging until about 9pm.  That leaves me only about one hour to read if I go to bed on time... two hours if I really push my it and ensure I'll be sleepy the next day. If I'm reading a wonderful book, I might even push it until midnight where I guarantee to be a zombie the next day.  I only do this for really good books.

I know I'm not the only reader/blogger who works a full time job, and/or even goes to school too.  How do you organize your time?  How do you make sure to fit in reading time?  When do you do your reading/blogging?

Let's discuss...

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