Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: The List by Kate L. Mary

The List by Kate L. Mary
Release Date: May 26, 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

The List. Twenty things every girl must do before she turns twenty. . .Body piercing.  Get drunk.  First kiss.

But thanks to her crazy, over-protective father, Annie Roth is way behind schedule. Good thing it’s her first semester of college, because Annie is more than ready to start checking off items. . . Fake ID. Skinny dipping.  Road trip!!!

Where it gets complicated? Ryan and Chris. Best friends. Both sweet, funny, totally hot, and totally into Annie. But there are some things on The List that Annie only wants to do with Ryan. . . Lose it.  Get Heart Broken.  Fall in love.

This was a fun New Adult contemporary that I really enjoyed.  I read this between blog tours and it was kind of nice to read something without an agenda attached to it.  So I really just sat back and let myself enjoy this one.

I loved Annie right off.  I've seen and been through the protective parent thing, and so I related to Annie immediately.  I think we'd probably find that a lot of people were able to relate to her just as well, as being the victim of an overly protective parent is something many people endure.  I loved Annie's roommate, how quickly she befriended her, made her feel welcome, and helped he create her bucket list so that she could experience everything she'd been missing out on.

If I was her, I would have picked the guy she picked also.  Both guys in this story were great, but one is more sweet and one is more sexy.  I like to have a combo of both, but the sexy one just seemed to be a combination of both that I wanted.  Not that I didn't like the other one... I just don't think he was exactly right for Annie.  I loved the sexual tension between these two, the whole forbiddenness of it all because the two guys are best friends, and the one she wants won't act on their attraction because of his friend.

There were some predictable moments, but they weren't bad really.  I knew who she was supposed to be with, and I did feel horrible for the other guy, so hopefully he will get his own book.  I hope this experience matures him a little also.

The list itself and the characters were what made this story so interesting.  Even the secondary characters were good.  I loved the writing, and just really enjoyed myself while reading this book.  It was simple and sweet, with a secret and a little bit of emotional upheaval.  A nice combination.

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