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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: All I've Never Wanted by Ana Huang

After reading this book, I'm even more excited to be taking part in the Blog Tour for All I've Never Wanted by wonderful funny and entertaining author Ana Huang.  Check out the wonderful book and author details below!!

All I've Never Wanted by Ana Huang
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

The Scions were the four richest, most powerful guys at Valesca Academy, and they ruled the school with iron fists. Everyone wanted to date them or be them...everyone, that is, except Maya Lindberg, who just wanted to avoid them until she could graduate.

She almost succeeded, until an ill-advised outburst on her part put her right in the Scions' path. Just like that, one became her fake boyfriend, one her unwanted matchmaker, one her guardian angel, and the one she couldn't stand the most? Yeah, he's her new housemate.

A Young Adult romantic comedy that explores what happens when a girl gets everything she never asked for, including a puppy, a new wardrobe, and, possibly, even true love.

I've never heard of this author prior to participating in this blog tour, but you can be certain I'll be looking for future books, and prior ones too.  I loved this story from the very first page.  Yes, it was as cute as the cover indicates it would be, and the summary just screams cute, but it was so much more than just cute.

First, the characterization in this story was amazing.  I felt like I knew each of these characters so well, and they were my favorite aspect of the story.  I loved watching their interactions, their wordplay... the dialogue just brought them to glowing life.  At first I thought to myself, okay, yes, we have a cliched group of rich kids here and the girl who tries not to be affected by them like the rest of the school, but these kids were anything but cliche.  They had their own insecurities, their own issues at home.  Life wasn't perfect for them, and I loved that the author gave them flaws, gave them issues that they had to deal with.  So much of the time in books, these types of characters are very one dimensional, and there's always a girl who claims they don't affect her.  Ana Huang handled this completely different.

Once Maya shows that she's her own person, able to stand head to head with them, they respect her. They open up their group to her, and by extension, her friend, Venice.  And then the real fun starts, because she gets along famously with all of the Scions except for their leader, Roman.  Yet, that is just who the rest of the group is determined to hook her up with.

The tension between these two was so fun to read.  Their witty and angry, crackling dialogue was so entertaining, and the sexual tension just oozed off the page for me.  These are definitely two people who are into each other but are doing everything they can to avoid admitting it for their own reasons.

Then there's the grandmother.  OMG.  The entire story was funny and had me laughing out loud, but scenes where the grandmother was a player, there were several of those that had me in tears I was laughing so hard.

This was just a really light-hearted, entertaining, funny, and wonderful book, all the way around.  I love a large cast like this, if done well, and this author knew how to do it.  I flew through this book, and the author had me hooked with every single character.  I loved them all.  This is definitely going on my 5 star and Favorites bookshelf.  Loved it!!!

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About the Author

Ana Huang, better known as ACRL37 on Wattpad, primarily writes Young Adult and Romance. She started writing her first novel, All I've Never Wanted, when she was sixteen; it was originally inspired by the Asian manga Hana Yori Dango (also known as Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers). Her second novel, If We Ever Meet Again, was loosely based on her own study abroad experiences in college. Her stories currently have a combined view of over 20 million on Wattpad.

Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys politics, brunch, and traveling.

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