Sunday, July 19, 2015

Discussion Post: Do you think publishers correctly interpret what we want to read?

My Discussion Topic This Week - Do you think publishers correctly interpret what we want to read?

As an aspiring writer, I've been told by writers and publishers alike that when you're writing, don't write to the current trends because they'll be over before you know it and publishers will stop buying them.  I've followed that rule religiously, and just concentrated on writing what came to me... or "the book of my heart" so to speak.  However, I'v noticed that the publishers don't exactly practice what they preach there.

Notice that when a great book comes out in a particular sub-genre, say YA Dystopian, next thing you know the market is glutted with them and they keep publishing them.  Over the last several years, I've read nearly every type, form, or variation of dystopian there could possibly be and there's no end in sight.  Not that I'm complaining!  I love dystopians.  I do, however, know quite a few people who are growing weary of them.

Then take the vampire phenomenon.  There have always been a few vampire stories out there, but with the onsite of the Twilight saga, the book world went crazy with vampires books, tv shows, movies, etc.  And this is one that I'm actually very tired of.  To me, there have just been too many of them.  They've boiled us to death in them, and yet they're still publishing them.

So do they really know what we want?  Do they know if their target audience is getting tired of a certain concept or sub-genre?  You'd think they would because I know they do market research based on sales of book types, but yet they keep publishing them.  Do you think they pay attention to their own research?  Do they try to keep trends alive longer than they should?  Do they really know what we want to read?

Let's discuss...

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