Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review: Anya and the Shy Guy by Suze Winegardner

Anya and the Shy Guy (Backstage Pass #4) by Suze Winegardner
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

It’s always the quiet ones… Anya Anderson doesn’t just need a big break, she needs any break. Living on the streets doesn’t leave a girl many options, so when she scores a gig reporting on the Seconds to Juliet tour, she jumps at the chance to earn enough money to sleep somewhere safe. And the paycheck will get bigger—and keep her off the streets for good—if she can dig up dirt on Will Fray, the irritatingly hot “shy guy” of the band.

Problem is, Will Fray isn't who everyone thinks he is. In fact, he’s not Will at all. Matt, Will's identical twin, is actually the guy onstage, reluctantly covering for his brother while he’s in rehab. To make matters worse, Matt’s being shadowed by a cute reporter with troubled eyes determined to get the scoop. On him. And he's having trouble finding the willpower to keep his distance…  But if the secret gets out, it won't just be his head on a platter—it’ll be the whole band’s.

I've really been enjoying the Backstage Pass series, and I love the fact that each story is written by a different author, because we get to see different writing styles, different views of the overall story of the boy band, but still maintaining the continuity of the big picture story.

Anya and the Shy Guy was a great installment to this series. I felt there was some really genuine plot conflict in this one.  We have a girl who is motivated to uncover one band member's deepest, darkest secret in order to get paid for a special article series she's writing... and because she's been homeless, that's a pretty good motivator to make money.  So she's not just a heartless reporter out for a story.  She's got some really important reasons for what and why she's doing this.

Then you have Will Fray, or should I say Matt Fray.  He's taking his brother's place in the band, secretly, because his brother is in rehab.  This is a huge secret that could hurt his brother if it got out.  So keeping that secret is vital.  Boom, good conflict!

I loved both of these characters.  Anya is a sweet girl, although she could also be pretty strong.  I loved how she struggled internally with her own motives and whether or not she could go through with this.  I adored Matt too.  He was so positive and exuberant at times, so much so that Anya kept referring to the fact that this was the shy guy who wasn't shy at all.

The only issue I had might have had with the story was that Matt fell for her awfully quickly.  Not quite, but almost insta-love.  The conflict between the two carried it over, however, and I wasn't really disturbed by it.

Suze Winegartner did a great job jumping into this series and giving the readers a great new perspective.  I loved the conflict in this story, the characters were endearing, and the book read really quickly.  I'm looking forward to future installments of this cute series!

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