Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Sound is an abstract concept for most people. We spend our lives blocking out the static in order to focus on what we believe is important. But what if, when the clarity fades into silence, it's the obscure background noise that you would give anything to hold on to?

I've always been a fighter. With parents who barely managed to stay out of jail and two little brothers who narrowly avoided foster care, I became skilled at dodging the punches life threw at me. Growing up, I didn’t have anything I could call my own, but from the moment I met Eliza Reynolds, she was always mine. I became utterly addicted to her and the escape from reality we provided each other. Throughout the years, she had boyfriends and I had girlfriends, but there wasn't a single night that I didn’t hear her voice.

You see, meeting the love of my life at age thirteen was never part of my plan. However, neither was gradually going deaf at the age of twenty-one.  They both happened anyway.  Now, I'm on the ropes during the toughest battles of my life.  Fighting for my career.  Fighting the impending silence. Fighting for her. Every night, just before falling asleep, she sighs as a final conscious breath leaves her. I think that's the sound I'll miss the most.

Wow, the last two sentences of that summary say it all.  (Yes, it's a long summary, but I just couldn't bear to reduce it any.)  This book caught me in the heart from the first moment I began to read.  This is a deeply emotional, romantic, and amazing story of two people who find each other at a young age and find comfort together in a secluded place that is only theirs. No matter what happens, no matter how bad life is, they always have their secret place, and they always have each other.

I loved both of these characters so much.  I loved watching them grow up together.  I loved watching how they interacted at the various stages of their lives, especially when girlfriends and boyfriends started happening when everyone was still fighting to pretend that this was just a special friendship.  But it started that way, and the reader gets to watch every special moment of growth from then until they're new adults trying to begin their lives in the world.

I thought I would be bored with a book that spanned such a long time frame, but the author handled it so beautifully, and I just couldn't help but cherish every moment that these two grew and their relationship began to morph into something more.  Sexual tension between them was wonderful, but overlaid with such tenderness.

Till is just now beginning to make something of himself, but he knows encroaching deafness is coming fast... and of everything that could mean he stands to lose, what he'll miss the most is the sighs she makes before she falls asleep.  Yeah, this is a poignant and beautiful story.  I don't want to say any more.  It's meant to be enjoyed and discovered for yourself.  Aly Martinez made me a fan with this gorgeous story.  It's going in my Goodreads 5 Star and Favorites shelves.

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