Sunday, August 23, 2015

Discussion Post: Blogging 101 - Other Social Media and how it's helped me

My Discussion Topic This Week - Blogging 101 - Other Social Media and how it's helped me.

So yes, there is life outside of Twitter.  Twitter is the one social media platform that everyone flocks to, hails as the best, and credits for driving traffic to their site.  And don't get me wrong, it's all of those things.  It has driven blog traffic to my site, especially after I learned how to properly use it, of course. Before that, it didn't really do jack squat for me.  So definitely learn how to use Twitter to your best advantage. But there are other platforms to consider.  Let's take a look at some of them, and look at what their benefits might be:

  • Facebook.  Okay, I have to admit I didn't create my blog's Facebook page until after I redesigned my blog this past January.  Since then, I've set up Twitterfeed to auto-post my blog posts to it, just as I do with Twitter.  Because I chose to create a Fan Page that doesn't link to my personal facebook but to a Tale Temptress facebook, I don't have many followers.  That might have been a mistake, but oh well.  I haven't really noticed Facebook adding much benefit for me. I get an occasional "like" here and there, but not much.
  • Pinterest: I'm in love with Pinterest because you create multiple boards according to your likes. Anything from TV to Books You Love, Books You've Reviewed, and on and on.  People find you based on their interest, and if they like things you've pinned, it can drive traffic to your blog.  Plus you get to meet people who share your interest.  Another added benefit is that if you like a lot of articles, blog posts on other blogs that you don't want to lose, etc... you can pin them and have them all in one place where they're easily accessible.
  • Google +: This one has connected everything up for me.  I use Google Forms for my blog, Google Docs for storing responses to forms, Google Drive where I can store things like the eARCs that come to me...those are usually uploaded there.  Plus, if you have a Blogger blog, you can link it with your Google + account so that everything you post to your blog will post there, including comment conversations.  Plus, people who like your posts tend to share them on Google + a lot more than I've seen people share my posts on Facebook.  I've made lots of connections through this media choice.
  • StumbleUpon: Okay, this one has been a HUGE traffic driver to my blog.  If you're using Google Chrome, it has a StumbleUpon plugin that you can install.  So if you like a page you're on, you can add it to your StumbleUpon pages where other people with similar interests can see it.  You are found that way also.  You can also Stumble your own pages to your page, and this is what has caused a hike in my traffic.  If you post some of your posts to your StumbleUpon account, other people who are interested in that topic or type of topic will stumble onto your site. You have to be careful though.  You can't just post your own posts or StumbleUpon will notice and not like you anymore. So you have to stumble some other things too.  Pick and choose which of your blog posts you put on your StumbleUpon account...pick your best ones and your favorites.  Don't just use them all.  Be choosy.  More people have found my blog this way than with any other source I've found so far, other than weekly memes.  Give it a try.

Other than that, there are, of course, a gazillion other social medias out there including Instagram, which I'm just now starting to try, Book Blogging, and a few others.  But these are my top four after Twitter. Step outside your comfort zone a little and give some of these others a try and see what you think.

Have you tried these already?  If so, which ones work for you? 

Let's discuss...

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