Sunday, August 2, 2015

Discussion Post: What are your favorite blog widgets to see on other blogs?

My Discussion Topic This Week - What are your favorite blog widgets to see on other blogs?

While I don't want to see a blog just loaded down with widgets, I definitely do like to see some widgets on a blog, depending on the widget.  They can be really fun, and also provide me with ideas for books to buy. I've found many a new book that I'd never heard of before by looking at blog widgets. Some of the ones I saw years ago and have used on my blog ever since are:

  • Goodreads widget to display what I'm Currently Reading.  I think people like to see what you're reading, as long as you keep it up to date.  The Goodreads widget will automatically update to my blog whenever I change what I'm "currently reading" in my Goodreads categories.
  • Countdowns.  For some reason I'm a huge fan of countdowns.  I used to grab them from other sites that put them up for anyone's use, but now I've learned how to make my own.  Books I'm especially looking forward to get a countdown.  I love seeing these on other blogs because sometimes I'll find books I'd never heard of before that I can I add to my list.
  • Amazon carousel widget.  This one can show whatever books you want, but I've most often seen it scroll either a list of books that a blogger got that week, or a list of books they'll be reviewing soon, or a list of books that they're really looking forward to.  I like all those uses, but I have one up that I update every Saturday to display books I acquired that week.

So do you like widgets too?  Which ones have you seen that I didn't mention?  

Let's discuss...

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