Friday, September 18, 2015

Discussion Post: Blogging 101 - How to Maximize a Blog Tour for Your Blog

My Discussion Topic This Week - Blogging 101 - How to Maximize a Blog Tour for Your Blog

There's much more to a blog tour than receiving free books.  I know a lot of people sign up for them just so they can get ARCs, and trust me, in my opinion there's nothing wrong with that. When I first started doing blog tours, that's why I did them too.  But then, in the past year, things have changed for me.  My outlook toward blog tours has changed.  Yes, I still love the free books, but then I've discovered several other benefits as well.  

  • It gives you an opportunity to expand your horizons.  I've agreed to blog tour some books that were completely outside of my comfort zone and have enjoyed them immensely.  It's turned me onto some new subgenres I might never have tried if not for the tour.
  • I've gotten to build more relationships with fellow bloggers, and the blog tour coordinators too! This is always a plus.
  • I've built relationships with some publishers as well.  Some tour companies utilize one or two publishers, and the books come from them.  If you end up doing a lot of tours for that company, you end up also building relationships with those publishers because they get used to seeing your name, your site, and your reviews.
  • You get to host giveaways that you're not paying for!  Always a plus because in a lot of the cases, the giveaway has a "follow the hosting site" entry which gives you new followers.  Aside from that, you're hosting a giveaway on your site and that also brings in more followers for your site.
  • You learn how to meet deadlines and be more organized, especially if you're touring a lot because you'll have to schedule them for yourself and keep track of your post dates.  I think learning some organization can always improve you and your blog.
  • You start learning how to play around with your posting layout and come up with more creative ways to do it because you're typically posting the summary, the cover, the review, the author bio and picture, their social media links, links to the book, and a giveaway.  Sometimes you'll also have teaser pictures or excerpts to include. So you end up having to get creative with post layout.
  • Last and most important to me, you end up finding some favorite authors and you get to be a part with making good books and authors more successful by helping to market them.

That's a lot of benefits, and most of them for you.  So what do you think?  Do you agree?  Do you do blog tours?  As a reader, do you like to see blog tours posts and giveaways?

Let's discuss...

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