Thursday, September 17, 2015

Review: Doomed (Time of Death #2) by Josh Anderson

Doomed (Time of Death #2) by Josh Anderson
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: EPIC Press
Genre: Young Adult Time Travel

What if your chance at redemption was stolen away? After his adventure in the past, Kyle Cash comes back to an alternate version of his life barely recognizable to him. He's determined to learn more about time weaving from the mysterious woman he met when he visited 1998, but first Kyle will have to survive Stevenson Youth Correctional's toughest gang. If he can, his next trip through the tunnel may give Kyle another chance to fix the past, and even a glimpse into his own future. 

Doomed was a wonderful second installment to this story.  The time travel element was amped up a notch with the science behind it growing and expanding, giving us some additional explanation and rules to understand.  It opened my eyes a bit more that I could understand the author's time travel mythology and how it worked.  By no means is the entire mystery revealed, but the author is rather skillfully releasing this information to us a little bit at a time.

I have to admit that I liked this sequel even more than the first one.  I felt that Kyle had grown as a character from his initial time traveling experiences, and its failures, and he was even more determined to correct the wrong for which he was responsible.  The girl he met and fell for in the first book makes an appearance, and I found this part extremely interesting, although I can't tell you about it for fear of ruining the story.  But suffice it to say that their relationship reached a new and different level that was surprising.

Where the story really drew me in though was in the area of suspense and the time travel.  Kyle's initial failed attempt finds him waking up back in prison, but with an entirely new, and more dangerous situation than the one he left.  He has a new roommate, gangs are involved, his life is threatened, and he still has to correct his wrongs, and is just as determined to do it.

I loved the time travel element this time around because it carried some extremely shocking twists to it that I did not see coming.  The story was extremely fast-paced, suspenseful and thoroughly enjoyable. I loved that he had a partner in crime this time, so to speak, and it was interesting watching these two work together.  Once again, we end the story with a huge cliffhanger that had me wanting more, but I feel like this story is definitely ramping up and hitting its stride.  Looking forward to the next installment.

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