Monday, October 26, 2015

Discussion Post: What do you do when life interferes with your blogging?

My Discussion Topic This Week - What do you do when life interferes with your blogging?

This one is on my mind right now because it just happened to me, and it's still going on to a certain extent.  I have a lower back problem (degenerative disk disease) where my disks compress.  I can have a bulging disk that hits my sciatic nerve and hurts so bad I can barely walk.  I didn't want to do surgery, so I get spinal decompression when it flares up.  Let me tell you, it works.  But I digress.

This issue caused me to go out of work on a medical leave, and being in  pain and laying down a lot, it was just too difficult for me to be able to write posts.  Then, I'm also working a job that has been basically working me to death because they expect you, including managers like me, to work late hours just on principle, and they give you the stink eye if you have the audacity to leave (gasp!) on time! Hence the need for the medical leave.  But I digress again.

I said all of that to say, all of the above interfered with my ability to blog for about two weeks there. The first week I was in so much pain that I must admit I gave very little thought to what I wasn't getting done on the blog.  Thank heavens I didn't have any blog tour or author-scheduled posts in that week. The second week, I was back to work and just working hugely long hours.  

I typically pre-schedule posts, but I had gotten a little lax doing that in the week or two leading up to this, and I couldn't have foreseen that getting behind on scheduling posts would mean that two weeks later my blog would be dead in the water while I was out sick and then working.

Has this happened to you?  Did you feel as guilty as I did?

I don't think there's any way we can prevent life from interfering because it's going to do that.  I just made sure that when I was able, I posted a quick message letting people know where I was and where I had been.  Should I have done more?  Should I have made myself post a "I'm going to be out for while" message when it first started?  What do you do in situations like these?

Let's discuss...

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