Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: Jane Unwrapped by Leah & Kate Rooper

Jane Unwrapped by Leah & Kate Rooper
Releaase Date: October 12, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Crave
Genre: YA Fantasy/Mythology

Some tombs should never be opened...

Fluorine uranium carbon potassium. Jane’s experiment really went wrong this time. After a fatal accident, teen scientist Jane becomes the first modern-day...mummy. Waking up in the Egyptian underworld without a heart certainly isn’t the best—especially when it means Anubis, god of embalming, has to devour her soul. Yuck. But when Jane meets the drop-dead gorgeous god, suddenly she's thinking this might not be the worst thing to happen. And then she is pushed to do the impossible—just time-travel and kill King Tut. Well, every experiment has variables which can end in disaster... Jane just wishes she could decide whether she wants to strangle Anubis or kiss him.

Jane Unwrapped is a unique, stand-alone novel that pulled me in from the very first page.  Wow! I fell in love with this book and its characters, the setting, the mythology, and just the story all the way around. I really didn't expect to love it the way I did, but it just turned out to be so much more than the summary indicated it would be.

I wasn't sure I was going to like Jane at first because she's one of those characters that has a lot of internal scientific processing going on in her head which I usually have trouble relating too since I'm very unscientific.  It didn't take long, however, before this became less an issue for me and more of a cute quirk.  Jane is stuck in an impossible situation.  She dies and finds herself in the Egyptian underworld with the god of embalming, Anubis...who just happens to be a gorgeous guy who has spent way too long alone.  But her problem is that she is being mummified back in her own time, and done so incorrectly so that she has no heart, and therefore can't enter paradise. In an effort to earn her way into paradise, another god gives her the task of going to ancient Egypt and stealing the heart of an evil Pharaoh's heart.  The evil Pharaoh?  Tutenkhamen.

There was a lot of excellent conflict in this story, because as she gets to know the famous King Tut, her mission isn't, and cannot be, as simple as she'd thought it would be. No one around her is what she expected, and then there's the complication of Anubis following along to "help" her. Anubis complicates matters because while he appears most of the time as a jackel with golden eyes, every now and then, he appears to Jane as that gorgeous guy that I just fell in love with.

This story was rich with mythological detail about Egypt, embalming, the gods, and one of the most famous Pharaoh's in history who has always been shrouded in mystery.  I loved the mythology, loved learning about King Tut, loved Jane's, Tut's, and Anubis' conflicts within the story, and loved, loved, loved the romance.  It wasn't rushed, was a little unexpected, and was just absolutely perfect.

This story really pulled me in and had me reading furiously into the late hours of the night.  The pacing was fast and perfect.  The writing was exciting, and the story was a perfect adventure with twists and turns I didn't expect, and an ending that was just perfect.  Read this story!!

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