Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review: Paper Thin by Jennifer Snyder

Paper Thin by Jennifer Snyder
Release Date: September 29, 2015
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Fate has always seemed to mock Charlotte Montgomery, continuously dangling the man of her dreams just out of reach. It isn’t until Charlotte receives word her older sister Emma is getting engaged that she feels fate’s teasing has hit a new high.

Once she begrudgingly decides to return home to the tiny town of Parish Cove, curious to find out who has captured her sister’s heart, fate suddenly seems as though it may have tossed her a bone. The problem: Charlotte forgot one simple thing…Fate has never been her friend.

Emotions run high. Happiness will be shattered. And tragedy will strike, leaving everyone feeling paper thin.

It's hard to know what I can say in this review without revealing too much of the story.  I'll start with characterization and work my way from there.

At first, I have to admit I didn't immediately connect with Charlotte.  She seemed kind of desperate and a little selfish at first.  It didn't take long though for me to discover that she was fairly self-aware, and when a character who has some glaring flaws can understand herself and know what her own faults are, it really helps to redeem them as a character for me.  More on that later.

The other characters in the story are her mom, who has Alzeimers, her sister who is getting married, and the fiance.  Twist of fate indeed.  At first, as I said, Charlotte comes across in a negative way to me because she works so hard to avoid having anything to do with the care of her mother, leaving it all to her older sister.  With time, though, I began to see her in a new light.  She's hurt by the effects that the disease has on her mother, and has a hard time seeing a mother who doesn't always remember her.  Not everyone can handle that in the same way.  Then there's the matter of her sister's fiance.  All I can say about that is that fate can be cruel indeed.  At that point, I really started to sympathize with Charlotte.

Then the author took things to an entirely new level and I was shocked by the turn of events in this story.  Then toward the end of the story, she shocked me again!  I could believe some of the things that happened so unexpectedly in this story, and through it all, Charlotte's character grew, changed, grew strength and impressed me.

This was not your typical New Adult contemporary.  There's a bit of romance, but it was not really a factor for me.  The most important part of the story was Charlotte, the issues going on around her, and the growth she experiences as a result.  It was a journey of self-discovery, and a heartbreaking one.

The author did a really good job handling some very sensitive subjects in this story.  The writing was very good, engaging, and the entire story left me with a poignantly sad but hopeful feeling.  It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but I'm definitely glad that I read it.

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