Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tempting Future YA Releases: February 2016

Tempting Future YA Releases is posted at the beginning of each month to let you know what new releases are coming out in the new month that caught my eye.  Naturally, the list is in no way complete, but will feature future releases that looked great to me.  (I'm also including New Adults as well.)  Here is the list for February 2016 Young Adult/New Adult book releases.  I know I'm a little late, but better late than never!

Lights of Aurora (Stone Legacy #3) by Theresa DaLayne  (2/2016)
Borrowed Magic by Shari Lambert  (2/1/2016)
Troublemaker (Songbird #6) by Melissa Pearl  (2/1/2016)

Starflight (Starflight #1) by Melissa Landers  (2/2/2016)
In the After by Elisa Dane  (2/2/2016)
In Place of Never by Julie Anne Lindsey  (2/1/2016)

Darkness Fair (The Dark Cycle #2) by Rachel A. Marks  (2/2/2016)
Fighting Solitude (On the Ropes #3) by Aly Martinez  (2/2/2016)
Assassin's Heart (Assassin's Heart #1) by Sarah Ahiers  (2/2/2016)

Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell  (2/2/2016)
Burning Offer (Trevor's Harem #1) by Aubrey Parker  (2/2/2016)
Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh  (2/2/2016)

Revenge and the Wild by Michelle Modesto  (2/2/2016)
The Beltane Escape (The Two Realms #1) by Ariella Moon  (2/2/2016)
Beyond the Stars by Stacy Wise  (2/8/2016)

Reign of Shadows (Reign of Shadows #1) by Sophie Jordan  (2/9/2016)
Raining Down Rules by B.K. Rivers  (2/9/2016)
Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman  (2/9/2016)

Legend (Real #6) by Katy Evans  (2/9/2016)
A Faerie Wedding by Stephanie Keyes  (2/12/2016)
The Coupling (The Letting #2) by Cathrine Goldstein  (2/15/2016)

Abandoned by Elisa Dane  (2/15/2016)
Take the Fall by Emily Hainsworth  (2/16/2016)
Death to the Undead (Life After the Undead #1) by Pembroke Sinclair   (2/16/2016)

Marked by Laura Williams McCaffrey  2/16/2016)
Bluescreen (Mirador #1) by Dan Wells  (2/16/2016)
The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) by C.J. Redwine  (2/16/2016)

Everlasting (Everlasting Trilogy #1) by L.K. Kuhl  (2/18/2016)
Love Me, Love Me Not by Alyxandra Harvey  (2/22/2016)
How Willa Got Her Groove Back (Creative HeArts #2) by Emily McKay  (2/22/2016)

The Power (Titan #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout  (2/23/2016)
The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury  (2/23/2016)
After the Woods by Kim Savage  (2/23/2016)

Bryce (Scandalous Boys #1) by Natalie Decker  (2/23/2016)
Titans by Victoria Scott  (2/23/2016)
Chasing You (Love Wanted In Texas #5) by Kelly Elliott  (2/23/2016)

Soulless (Once Wicked Series #1) by Sarah J. Pepper  (2/23/2016)
A Hold on Me (Dark Heart #1) by Pat Esden  (2/23/2016)
Submission Specialist by Ada Scott  (2/26/2016)

Which one of these are you looking forward to?  Leave a comment!

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